28 May 2011

Get Me Outta' Here

I am intoxicated seeing these stuffs
Okay!!! I am actually a bit recalcitrant these days, blame it to my unhealthy working environment wherein it  requires me of my utmost level of ingenuity for a stupid thing called multitasking. Honestly, work is a magic word for me before, I mean the actual work like a job, occupation and things such as. When I finished college at 19, I had my gushing work instinct all over me that it even impeded me from being a constant docile son. After a year of being a semi-crass and semi-obedient, I had my chance of having me some work. In an instant I was accepted for a work they say where all the renegade is. I did not care and won't really care, because i thought I found my pot of gold. I thought everything will be fine and I'll rock, you know do good. Think of me as stupid but my illusive thought of having better days for my work stretched until the day I finally had the notion of I just can't bare to do this anymore. It's not that It's bland or in anyway a mundane work but it's just that the work is as hard as attending Med School. I feel like I don't need to be doing this for a petty amount of money, well it's not that I am disregarding money issues on this subject matter, but I will be willing to study everyday for this work to pull up a good job if they will be paying me triple of what I am earning right now (Wow! Ang Kapal..lol)

Every friday is like a Respite day for me, but despite this Sunday pushes me with a hard kick that I don't want  the mother of all days arrive and just stop time. Then, here it'll come again and at 5:30 am I am like doing the routine again. To motivate myself, I keep on having this mindset that this is all happening because I need to challenge myself to achieve more, but this cliche is way over being at the top and pretty much lame. So, might as well someone asks, what keeps you from leaving? well, I don't actually know and I don't wanna push myself to weigh things just to arrive to a conclusion because that alone will just make things harder. So, I'll stay because it's quite tolerable for now. But, if there is chance I'll might get outta here.

I'm Now Into Her

Jennifer Lopez never became a true artist for me, I mean given the fact that she has this awesomeness and a body that works for all sexes, but these things didn't work for me. More to being a singer, J Lo ventured in to be a Hollywood actress but just with 10% success rate for every movie, both critically and commercially. Of the six studio albums she did before Love?, including the Spanish ones, I saw J Lo as a very desperate singer trying to crack the American music scene but was left semi-successful, but that was just out of my not-liking-her-that-much. She has been pretty successful with smash hits If You Had My Love, Love Don't Cost A Thing, Ain't It Funny, Am I Real, All I Have, and Jenny from The Block. To date she has 4 number 1 songs on the Hot 100 chart and nine number 10 songs from the same chart. But, not matter how much people patronize her music, it doesn't really transcend to J Lo's box-office proclivity. But amongst this success, I kinda despise every concept J Lo is trying to emulate in her every music concepts. To make things even worse her marriage with the midget manic Latino guy seemed like a no-no step for J Lo to do, but she did it and I wasn't much happy with that, but who cares with what I think. 
After three years of a hiatus in the American scene, she had an early 2011 start to promote her new album Love? by releasing the carrier single On the Floor featuring the Cuban rapper Pitbull and the song became an instant success making J Lo's seventh top five entry for the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was basically addictive because of the Lambada hooks which was incorporated to the over-all fitting of the song. It became number 1 to almost every European country, Australia, UK, Canada, etc.but failing to topnotch in the American charts due to competition with other strong artists Adele, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and Bruno Mars. At this point I was kinda in the level of liking J Lo, but not that much. Then she released her second song for the album which totally made me like and love J Lo. Yep, it's the Island-flavored and fun track about being too much in love. 

J Lo with William Levy 

Wayne, J Lo's fave MC

I first took notice of the song in YouTube when it was first released, you know this promotion stuff for VeVo. For two days of being there I never had the least feeling of watching it because I really don't have any plan of making wasting another 4 minutes for a video that I don't fancy that much. Finally!, I thought, YouTube stopped promoting the song as it was not anymore present in the right side of all the videos I was trying to watch. Came a day when I did not have any more videos to watch because I thought I have had all the necessary view for the videos I was rooting to watch because of a weekday madness at work. Uhuh! I suddenly remembered J Lo' I'm Into You and bang!!! I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it and I can't help myself pressing the Replay button for the video. There is this certain element of the song which I really like that keeps me from wanting for some more. To be fair, I believe that is the Na Na Na Na Na Na Yeah things in every chorus of the song. At first I thought the lyrics was stupid like those written by Kesha but    after a while I said it's fun! More to this crazy beat, Wayne's wordplay is just perfect fit for the song. As a proof to my love for this song, you would find me chanting this song whenever I'm on my way to the loo while at work, while on the bus for work and while plainly doing nothing.
Here is a cover of the song I just found on YouTube and this one is frigging awesome:

21 May 2011

I Was Born A Champion

Today is my Feel Good Day!!! What I really like about weekends is that it gives you all the time to think about how good you are and the things you deserve for being so darn good. And the other thing I like about weekend is that I could have all my day just lying down to just listen to all my favorite beats. For today, May 21, 2011, after a long day from work seconded by a tiring night hopping from one place to another (Veneto Pizza, Harbor View and Starbucks) I have all the nerve to feel good about myself. My arms are aching and my legs are strained like hell, but I still like the feeling though. The pain is so good that I just want it with me for this weekend. To keep all the drama I feel in tone, I did my playlist made of some of the best underrated songs I've ever heard. I just want to fill my ears with fresh and not-that-much-busy music. It's just that, I feel so good!

The thing is, when you feel so good you'll start to have that cocky air and you'll almost want to admit being conceited for some time. I really don't have something huge to share for this day, just want to invite you guys to celebrate life. Feel like a champion and do it even harder listening to Chipmunk's Champion and Jodie Conor's Bring It. 

19 May 2011

Mi Adele

Adele in one of her US tours
Earlier this year, Adele took the most successful crossover from the UK music scene to the much bigger US limelight in the last two decades. The humble 23-year old North London native sold more than 6 million copies of her newest studio album, 21, which was just released on the third week of February. Adele has started her music career way back in 2006 just after she graduated at the The BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology wherein she had a chance to be classmates with X-Factor's Leona Lewis and with an another English breakthrough artist for 2011, Jessie J. Adele first started writing songs and doing some demos when she finally signed to XL. Her first smash hit as a performer was Hometown Glory. But, a lot more bigger came after she released her debut album, 19, last 2008. The album sold more than 2.2. million copies by the end of 2009. And after a huge success in the UK, she and her management saw the potential in marketing Adele on American viewers and their first try seemed to fail. But, after a performance in the hit US TV show Saturday Night Live wherein she performed Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder she gained much much attention which then enabled her to top the iTunes download charts. After a short while Adele was recognized by the Grammy as the Best New Artist for that year. 

Adele became quite known in the US but when she currently went back there to launch her new album 21, she became even a more celebrated name in the US music scene. As a proof she currently holds the Billboard Hot 200 for consecutive 6 weeks and her single Rolling in the Deep recently topped the HOT 100 Charts, stealing it from Katy Perry's E.T. 

Okay, so what I really like about Adele is her voice. I mean she makes every song sound good. Let me give you and example:
Here is Cheryl Cole's Promise This
and see how Adele work her thing out:

Listening to Adele's album is really refreshing and the Motown feel of it really exciting. I admire the coherence of the album and i love the fact that the album is not that busy.

18 May 2011

tête-à-tête with a Cretin

I am not the type of person who basically go on a road trip with other people bashing some other individual whose presence is argumentatively irritating everyone. Simply put, the back-stabbing thingy is ain't a cool stuff for me. I always say that people must accept each other regardless of the individual differences they might have because in the first place it's the primary reason why you might not like the person on the first contact. To me, I believe that differences is something that is purely subjective as I concede to the fact that human beings,  don't mind the color or the belief, relate to each other instantly when a specific favorable situation takes place. I am person trapped in this stupid and murky ideology and I admit that I must be pretty stupid enough to think that things will work out because of the relationship and commonalities I want to emphasize. The sudden change of my personal view about the issue I was just discussing is when I met a prick, more of an oaf, I guess.
Well, not really!!!
So, when I decided to have some life a push my ass for some work to live that life I am saying, I came to the point of befriending everyone for the sake of just making a difference. Friends are cool especially when you think that you are comfortable enough to tell them what you are and what you want. And then some friends are just better held by an heron, eye for an eye, because some do things that you normally don't expect them to do. In life, you always assume to the antagonist of your own story, nobody wants to play the role of a villain so no matter how much people hate you, at the end of every night you try to justify yourself and rationalize things and conclude that you are in the right track. And I am very good at that, but I've met someone who is even far greater in doing this stupid bluff. Reasons maybe they just want to fit in or they just want to roam around with the swagger and some air facing people with their best behaviour. Inside them, all they have in mind is keep it cool and work some air. Nah, they're even clueless of the fact that people around them just want to cut him some slack and insert him to wherever he might perfectly fit. Him is just for the sake of argument, so nothing or no one really specific.

Stupidity and arrogance always come hand in hand but there is this little amount of awareness onto their part but somehow they still manage to keep it the way they want it to be.
And all the onlookers could just do is laugh at it and make him their daily laughing-stock. At least in that sense somehow that person is still managing to be a hot issue and I am pretty sure he is more than pleased. Anyway, I don't wanna make my day that stupid so I have to go and be back some other time.

M.O.A. Food Bests

MOA is a haven for sumptuous foods, the colossal built of the mall is belted by restos and food chains that are definitely gonna make your day and days happy.

1. El Pollo Loco

2. World Chicken
3. Congo Grille
4. Kimono Ken
5. Davao Tuna Grill

Sam's New Ventures

It is very hard to suppose that a particular feeling you have for one person will last and stay basing on the intensity of the feeling in a specific time. Pretty much an explanation all of sudden Sam lost the affection to the guy she utterly admired. I have miscalculated the situation as I assumed that something might develop between the two. To tell you what might be the reason or reasons in that case, I am not really in my best self to have my logic working for this specific matter. I would rather use my last drop of wit with the telling you the new direction Sam is pacing, which I guess a quite more perilous than her previous dilemmas with the guy. To give a short starter of what I am talking about, let's just say, Sam is entering a new territory wherein she only have one chance of showing her self because it will be a  bit complicated once things start to go on against what Sam think is the right thing to do. Urghh, I hate to say this one but because of the complexity and the magnitude of the situation I just can't go on directly narrating the incidents involved this one. Hence, discretion would be a path I need to go into.

First thing is, Sam is not anymore in love with the guy in Sam's Dilemma write-ups because she has both of her eyes on a new guy. Yes, a new guy! Heard it right! Well, describing is quite an easy task, he is meek but super intelligent, enigmatic yet very romantic, have his ways calculated most of the times, knows what he wants and a tinge of unpredictability. Any lady with a good heart would fall to this guys in just a matter of sec. So, Sam and this guy (guy2) are already friends since Sam has admitted of having a crush with guy1. There are even instances wherein Sam would do her confessions and sentiments to guy2. When Sam's infatuation for guy1 was facing moribundity, she found a little friend in the persona of guy2. But, apparently when things started to go on well between the two,in just a matter of  a day, there had been an awkward tension between the two that sometimes ends with ironic contacts. They could be very welcoming to each other sometimes but there are also ugly silence when the two come in one place.

I've spoken with Sam about this whole thing and she is totally aware of the structuring of the feelings but very afraid to pursue any emotional attachment to the guy because of the reason that I can't disclose as of now. Things are just starting to unravel and there are tons of issues the involved persons must face and I'm just wishing for positivity that any conflict that might appear in the future will be resolved or will be remedied beforehand. 

12 May 2011

Sam's Dilemma V

Two weeks passed and I haven't updated you guys about the latest stuffs about Sam. You know me guys, last thing that would come into your mind why I abruptly stopped blogging is because I got tired of it and it's true that's the last thing I would do (:O). Okay!!! So, two weeks was a transition from Triassic to whatever so definitely it's going to be a long story, so just to make things quick and readable I will be telling some of those things that kept me thinking for a while.

First is the growing friendship between Sam and the guy (can we name the guy? Uhmp, how about.......Oh no just don't mind). As we proceed to the next step after training period I think that many of us have developed deep ties as friends and some are also in the middle of calculating on how can the edge out everyone. Sam's circle of peers (I'm a part) really have this special bond that kinda' make us comfortable with each other, I am not being time-biased here guys but I've been with so many groups and I could really tell the difference. We started going out together, like have some group meal by the Bay and have us some quality chit-chats and a bit of open-forum to have ourselves evaluated. Within this development, Sam started of be comfortable with the guy and vice versa. They have been talking things that have some substance, not your ordinary trashy chikas. I can attest how this closeness makes Sam feel a lot more better on what they could become at the end of the day. But things just need some time to go on a certain trail to be fully developed into something that is worth the wait. 

Second stuff that continues to sizzle me is how I see all what's happening coming into something that I never expected. I thought of it before that it's going to be a bit condescending for the connection between the two go further as I was not really expecting a lot. But then, things had started to hit me and the rest of the group, like those cutesy jokes about them before turned into something that we take seriously now. I can't really explain a lot about it but one thing is in perfect frame and that is this could be something.  

Honestly, I was thinking  lot of what to put in here but then I had my dinner and all of sudden I lost all those things that are floating, waiting to be in my monitor so I am very sorry guys but I have to end this one because I need to think of it further. And other thing, my coherence and grammar is at its worse. 
Gotta go guys.

8 May 2011

X-Factor Invading US

Time is no more an issue for X-Factor's American debut because the world's best and most decent reality talent search is set to hit US TV massively this mid-year. For loyal AI fanatics out there who still cling on to the notion that AI will give us a piece of a successful talent, well after 9 years we should call it a wrap. X-Factor's predecessor UK Pop Idol started it all but nothing will ever beat the charm the UK X-Factor has and the rest of the franchise. I was never a fan of AI but that doesn't discredit me of giving any valid and true whatever about the show. The main thing that makes the show very odd and out-of-this-world is why do Americans vote for someone they don't want to support at the end of the day. Say AI and no one really pops in my mind as long commercial success is in concern. Yeah, everyone knows the winners, but not really all the winner because I can only name Carrie and Kelly because they were the only successful out of the 10 winners. For "I don't know" reason, Americans are totally unbelievable when it comes to their music tastes, epic example is My Humps winning the Grammy's when it could have been the worst song (lyrically concern) of the decade. Instinct tells me never to trust the American taste of good music as to whoever hits big in America doesn't necessarily means due credit to the musical ingenuity. Well, I guess I was carried away and I need to make another post for this (LOL).

Back with the X-Factor thingy, Perez recently confirmed that X-Factor will be hosted by Nicole from the defunct girl-band PCD and some other Brit bloke while judges confirmed were Paula, Simon and Cheryl Cole. It was really true when Perez said that Simon is trying to bring some of her brood into American limelight as Cherl is gaining some attention from record labels. B's hubby Jay-Z was reported to be very persuasive in making Cole sing Roc Nation. It could be a very smart choice for Cheryl to sing Jay's label because it'll somehow guarantee her success. On the lighter note, I so can't wait for the show. I have some predictions that the show will steal ratings massively from AI and it'll bring the best out of America. X-Factor is not your ordinary talent show because group singers have the chance to audition. Each judges will be assigned to the different categories like one for the boys, the other will be for the girl and next one is for the groups. The judges can personally mentor their contestants. It's going to be very awesome.