16 May 2014

'Lost In The Way Home From Chromeo and Solange Should Be OnYour Playlist

Yeah, the title was lame, I was suppose to say SHOULD FIND ITS WAY ON YOUR PLAYLIST, I mean to juxtaposed the title (whatever).

Well, aside from the fact that deep inside in everyone's thought, the whole Solangegate is a pure genius publicity stunt to boost Solange's career yet I think she doesn't really need to be doing so. True EP is just stellar that it could be a quite middle finger statement to the mainstream music her sister was known for. Meanwhile, Chromeo has been in the business for ages and, no, they don't need to make some pop magnum opus to be known by everyone cause we like 'em the funky way they should be.

So, a collaboration from my favourite duo and hipster sistah is just made in heaven that their track from the album White Women is an absolute standout. I just love the lyricism of the whole song that I can't get over it though it's five minute long. Of course, the whole electrofunk feel of the song is just delicious. Solange cooing the WHOOOOS on her verses are just beam of light to my mundane and murky life.  Check out the song and hey I'm using the Blogger app from my phone and it doesn't allow me to link videos so YouTube is just an app away for y'all.