28 April 2011

Sam's Dilemma [IV]

Back again and this time I'm more packed with the thickest slices of issues concerning our golden girl, Sam. But before anything else I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday. I was just pre-occupied as hell but things are going better now.
For yesterday nothing noticeable really happened so I just supposed that it's not much of gret importance to update you guys. I'll just have my piece of opinion about the entire issue. In my personal views, I am in a horned syllogism of whether there is really something that's worth expecting for. I can't fully trust my sensibilities in its utmost level since I am completely shunning any presumptive statement that has something to do with everything. I am just seeing things in an outsider spectrum and my say to what Sam can't elucidate will defeat the purpose of my being non-partisan about this one.
Sam is still hyping everyone about her sham fancy with the other in the next room (well, not really the next). She is on her best behaviour to show everyone the opposite of what she is feeling. Tough act for a girl since it's a damn hard thing putting a hard wall between yourself and the people around you. I am still waiting for further development but for the meantime enjoy this track that I am about to drop which I guess pretty related to Sam's story.

26 April 2011

Sam's Dilemma [III]

Verily, Sam's exchanges with her physical world most especially with her work/love life have fascinated me to a whole different level. Causing a major major trynna-kill-myself effect on me which I don't usually enetertain I decided to make this a regular item for my blog.
So back on my third day of scribbling I took notice that Sam is not just partly enticed with the guy. How do I say so? Let's just say that I can percieve how Sam takes things seriously when it comes to stuffs that are somehow associated with the guy. To make things clearer, I admire how she doesn't want everyone to know her feelings about the guy, just trying to keep it to herself and to her close friends, I believe that is a good sign since she doesn't want to complicate things because such matter is so delicate that you just can't really cross the thin line between overdoing it and being too tame no to do anything. Uhh, I know! you might find my crazy humour haunting your doomed minds. Nothing really special happened but let's wait for later because we will never know.
---Went out for lunch break----

So, I'm back from lunch and I was just having my fingers twisted being so excited in giving you some of the juiciest stuffs that happened about Sam. As I was saying a while ago, the later part of the day started with a blast. I mean, Sam, for an another ground-breaking time, experienced one of the "coitus interruptus" moments she definitely can't get enough of.. The guy was teasing her with sexy talk and suggestive/provocative hand gestures and body language. Sam was on her mode of toiling with the flow of the scene but then there are few setbacks that she wanted to make the guy feel as she doesn't want to be perceived as the "it" girl in the wrong sense. She continually bugged me the whole time about what she could so best in avoiding the guy. I just can't find the right advise since I myself was overwhelmed by what they are becoming.

Gotta go guys.

25 April 2011


Last night I felt that my blog about friend Sam would be an interesting starting point to revive my writing struggles that I think is leading to a very murky cul-de-sac. What I did yesterday was totaly awesome as I feel much more ignited with fiery passion to cover one of my life's mundane side, which is minding other people's business. So, so much with this fuzzing and let's talk about Sam.
I concede to the notion that Sam should be dissected in all ways possible in order for me to see the corners of where she's coming from. Well, she is one of the simple girls in the city with one great cliche wish, and that is to find his Knight in Shining Armor, but I need to say that sometimes they literally come with the shining thing. She has been with princes, some went well and some took her to her limits. And what exactly is this girl's limit? I can't be more profound to say that she is not gonna be any harm to anyone if ever she finds herself in a not-so-cool-they-say situation.
For today, I had the chance to talk with her while we were walking to the office at like 5:45 am. I observed a bit of spark and luster in her over-all aura, plus the flaunting cleavage is as hot as when cells do there mitotic cycle. I won't presume the reason for her sudden transformation because I don't wamt to pre-empt anything that's not coming from her. All I just have in mind is whatever is causing this phenomenon must be something strong and deep from Sam's POV. Bad thing is, the guy (the guy from yesterday? ring a bell?) didn't show up to class not until the second half of the schedule. She must feel 50/50 between disdain and relief. Pretty exemplary for a girl whose urge is just as elastic as what the most expensive garter could be. But I can tell, she must be very sad and mad. Two words, sad and mad (without and, cause it's gonna be three). Fortunately, all the wasted effort and mental torture came to an end when the guy arrived at 11. Finally, (finally is such a respite word) she now can work those things she was expecting to showcase a little earlier. Not only that, she got the chance to work with him hand in hand, breath(e) to breath(e), mindf**k to mind-doen't-know and things such as. To put emphasis on how she currently feel right as I am right this one, she just transcends a different element of effervescence that's beyond normality. Gotta go guys. 

24 April 2011

Sam's Dilemma

So, I know this is kinda illegal and inappropriate, I mean blogging while working but work sometimes can just kill the last nerve out of you. We are currently out for a break and there's like a whole lot of space to fill with this awkward and seemingly untimed break. I got this friend, Sam, who is an epitome of class, elegance, self-preservation and grace. She has some issues with her love life that we, her friends, are much much concerned. She likes this guy who she incessantly utter to be a carbon copy of her ex-lover, name it! the facial features, the plump body and the over-all enigma of the guy. All over the class, she always drool for the guy as if they had a great night a day before that needed a steamier sequel. I totally understand her side as I also have my fair share such tacky and rubbish thoughts.
So, to avoid any clash of emotion and semi-erotic feelings, she promised as in vowed not to ever, ever talk to the guy anymore. But, how could she? the guy was like all over the place and her thoughts were all over the guy, plus her password is the guy's name, mind you! everyone knows it! I am continuously amazed and tickled (how cheesy) by her unprecedented and unconscious giggles over the guy. Things seem to be so hard to explain when in the first place you have this proclivity to make it even harder. I got only one advise for my girl, and that is go wit' the flow and let the each moment be what it has to be. Because no matter how much you try to shun a guy all will lead to failure because you are doing it out of  the "love" thingy and not because of the otherwise. Well, well, well, this just might be another phase of this girl's intricate and complicated love life as she might eye and root for an another guy the next time that we are not anymore in the the same situation.

Grammar Nazis, Auto-correct is bugged down so mispelled words are all over the place.

23 April 2011

Reinvention and Fashion

I am totally in euphoria right now, like I guess I'm going to burst without any warning. The reason for this toned and hyped reaction is finally (wants to emphasize finally) I am in my best mood and mode to recreate this "hasbeen" blog. Truth is, for no  other reason than just to have a cathartic let-go of my past frustrations and desperation in life I created this blog last March. Incidentally, I assumed to have been very mature enough to think that I can incessantly feed this blog regularly, may it be lame stuffs concerning my grotesque and sometimes irritating sensibilities to current Entertainment news which I am passionately affiliated. After moving here in Manila for the past month, I auto-lost my urge and torrid inclination of updating my blog. You know guys, when you get distracted with the shimmering skylines and city lights of the city you just can't get enough of it. The whole time, I felt awesome and constantly maxed out of emotions because the city showed me things I never wished of seeing. I know, some of you might be saying that this guy is overrated with his words, but trust me from a town boy's POV you guys won't ever ever question my judgment over exaggeration. 
So part of the story is when I get bored and the whole niche I am thriving becomes completely bland and dull for me. You go back to your dorkiness angles and then you try to be sensible enough redeem yourself from once again a whole pointless thinking. I mean, I don't actually know what I am saying, LOL. I just keep on typing and I'm very hungry and guys I gotta go. With the fashion stuff, give me tomorrow to finish it.
XOXO (did i just type XOXO? I'm completely aweful)