24 March 2011

Fresher Breath of Air

It's been a while and It's honestly frustrating seeing something that you've started come into a moribundity. What I mean is this whole blogging things, I think it's reaching the phase of its near death which means that redemption will take a very long and winding struggle. Best wishes to my fingers which will be the key entity in this "redemption" thing. Perhaps, this is one of the lessons I have to learn in life, and that is (I'm actually clueless with word, but trust me it's in my head). Oh wait, can i give it a shot? how about keeping the fire burning? that's a bit rubbish at first hand. See, I am already being bold and getting into some poignancy thing just to transcend this hazy and delusional notions I have in mind. 
It is actually the end week of March of 2010 and the last time I had my update was when the world was stormed by Lady GaGa with Born This Way. Just excuse my incoherence and "running in circles" mode for today, my spontaneity is working best at these instances. The news is I am now in M.Manila (Pasay to be exact) and being here is totally awesome, as if I could redeem myself from previous shortcomings I've had before and seeing it come into shape will be pretty good head-start. Feels like I could be a new person and I could depict someone I'm not when I was home. Being here gives me an entire different perspective on how to handle my life. Grammar Nazis out there, excuses out there but you just can't evolve with the trait of being perfectly error-free when being in a completely insane and unintelligible stage. That's it for now, Haters please press the X button and give yourself some space to know the word respect.