16 May 2014

'Lost In The Way Home From Chromeo and Solange Should Be OnYour Playlist

Yeah, the title was lame, I was suppose to say SHOULD FIND ITS WAY ON YOUR PLAYLIST, I mean to juxtaposed the title (whatever).

Well, aside from the fact that deep inside in everyone's thought, the whole Solangegate is a pure genius publicity stunt to boost Solange's career yet I think she doesn't really need to be doing so. True EP is just stellar that it could be a quite middle finger statement to the mainstream music her sister was known for. Meanwhile, Chromeo has been in the business for ages and, no, they don't need to make some pop magnum opus to be known by everyone cause we like 'em the funky way they should be.

So, a collaboration from my favourite duo and hipster sistah is just made in heaven that their track from the album White Women is an absolute standout. I just love the lyricism of the whole song that I can't get over it though it's five minute long. Of course, the whole electrofunk feel of the song is just delicious. Solange cooing the WHOOOOS on her verses are just beam of light to my mundane and murky life.  Check out the song and hey I'm using the Blogger app from my phone and it doesn't allow me to link videos so YouTube is just an app away for y'all.

20 April 2014

BLACK WIDOW by Iggy Azalea and Rita Whora Slays

The anticipation for The New Classic from your favourite Slave Master is surprisingly greater than Madonna's secret album conundrum (don't tell them I told you). I am personally happy for I.G.G.Y. for finally breaking into the Hot Chart with Fancy though I was so desperate for Change Your Life to do it. Fancy is just so pretentious and noisy for me - totally wasn't one Iggy's best moments. See guys, Change Your Life is heaven, she did some vocals and the rap was epic in all proportions. That 'Summer in Australia' and 'Crumpets' stuff were just too much for my existence that I even used it while on a date.

Well, Fancy is now a success as it is just waiting for a fabulous Top 10 entry to happen next week - currently at 12. That is a great news since more people now recognise Iggy's potential and even her existence - because last time I checked the only people that gave Azalea some shit were Instagram, Mullumbimby (I tried) and UK. So, the Kreayshawn fate is now out of the way.

Now, I'm not even mad for anything because the next single the team is brewing will be the Katy Perry penned Dark Horse 2.0, Black Widow. Yeah, it sure does sound as trappy as Dark Horse but who gives shit? Whora's vocals were divine and Iggy did her thing better than Azealia's entire fycking career.

7 April 2014

Tinashe's 'Me & U' Cousin '2 On' Is Better

SoundCloud is just  great place to discover new music without paying for a single cent, thus come Tinashe (well that was lazy). One of the reasons that draws me to listen to someone online is through their single cover art and when I first Tinashe's I was like who this K. Michelle bitch giving me some VVSOP (What?) realness and I didn't like it but I still followed her just cause. Then I was so bored that my phone was shuffled and it randomly played 2 On and, man, you know what happened next. I had it on repeat for forever. It's a bit of dance-y Cassie ripoff but actually a better one with some Neon Jungle vibe for Braveheart.

22 January 2014

'I Know' Proves Tom Odell's Mediocrity In A Non-Offensive Way

I actually don't understand the rage over Tom Odell's album 'Long Way Down' and certainly over him as an artist. Tom, for me, caters music to listeners who don't want hardcore indie (Jake Bugg), noisy soul records (John Newman) and saccharine-inducing pop (Conor Maynard). He has this right amount of mediocrity level in his records and over-all artistry for you not just to care about what people say about him and his debut effort.

21 January 2014

I Love Jason Derulo's 'Tattoo' - Nope! Not The Album

I have always been a fan of Jason Derulo 'cause he always bring this perfect blend of good pop, R&B and dance in a soulfully piercing vocals. Though he started with a good run to success in the United States (single-wise), he seemed to have narrowed his market audience in the past couple album releases thus promoting intensely in UK and mainland Europe. I honestly believe that Jason has been one of the acts whose sound has never changed after the course of three album releases.

I fell in love with his no. 1 track 'Whatcha Say' and just couldn't get over 'It Girl' but the new album Tattoos' single releases have been really depressing for me.