18 May 2011

Sam's New Ventures

It is very hard to suppose that a particular feeling you have for one person will last and stay basing on the intensity of the feeling in a specific time. Pretty much an explanation all of sudden Sam lost the affection to the guy she utterly admired. I have miscalculated the situation as I assumed that something might develop between the two. To tell you what might be the reason or reasons in that case, I am not really in my best self to have my logic working for this specific matter. I would rather use my last drop of wit with the telling you the new direction Sam is pacing, which I guess a quite more perilous than her previous dilemmas with the guy. To give a short starter of what I am talking about, let's just say, Sam is entering a new territory wherein she only have one chance of showing her self because it will be a  bit complicated once things start to go on against what Sam think is the right thing to do. Urghh, I hate to say this one but because of the complexity and the magnitude of the situation I just can't go on directly narrating the incidents involved this one. Hence, discretion would be a path I need to go into.

First thing is, Sam is not anymore in love with the guy in Sam's Dilemma write-ups because she has both of her eyes on a new guy. Yes, a new guy! Heard it right! Well, describing is quite an easy task, he is meek but super intelligent, enigmatic yet very romantic, have his ways calculated most of the times, knows what he wants and a tinge of unpredictability. Any lady with a good heart would fall to this guys in just a matter of sec. So, Sam and this guy (guy2) are already friends since Sam has admitted of having a crush with guy1. There are even instances wherein Sam would do her confessions and sentiments to guy2. When Sam's infatuation for guy1 was facing moribundity, she found a little friend in the persona of guy2. But, apparently when things started to go on well between the two,in just a matter of  a day, there had been an awkward tension between the two that sometimes ends with ironic contacts. They could be very welcoming to each other sometimes but there are also ugly silence when the two come in one place.

I've spoken with Sam about this whole thing and she is totally aware of the structuring of the feelings but very afraid to pursue any emotional attachment to the guy because of the reason that I can't disclose as of now. Things are just starting to unravel and there are tons of issues the involved persons must face and I'm just wishing for positivity that any conflict that might appear in the future will be resolved or will be remedied beforehand. 

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