28 May 2011

I'm Now Into Her

Jennifer Lopez never became a true artist for me, I mean given the fact that she has this awesomeness and a body that works for all sexes, but these things didn't work for me. More to being a singer, J Lo ventured in to be a Hollywood actress but just with 10% success rate for every movie, both critically and commercially. Of the six studio albums she did before Love?, including the Spanish ones, I saw J Lo as a very desperate singer trying to crack the American music scene but was left semi-successful, but that was just out of my not-liking-her-that-much. She has been pretty successful with smash hits If You Had My Love, Love Don't Cost A Thing, Ain't It Funny, Am I Real, All I Have, and Jenny from The Block. To date she has 4 number 1 songs on the Hot 100 chart and nine number 10 songs from the same chart. But, not matter how much people patronize her music, it doesn't really transcend to J Lo's box-office proclivity. But amongst this success, I kinda despise every concept J Lo is trying to emulate in her every music concepts. To make things even worse her marriage with the midget manic Latino guy seemed like a no-no step for J Lo to do, but she did it and I wasn't much happy with that, but who cares with what I think. 
After three years of a hiatus in the American scene, she had an early 2011 start to promote her new album Love? by releasing the carrier single On the Floor featuring the Cuban rapper Pitbull and the song became an instant success making J Lo's seventh top five entry for the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was basically addictive because of the Lambada hooks which was incorporated to the over-all fitting of the song. It became number 1 to almost every European country, Australia, UK, Canada, etc.but failing to topnotch in the American charts due to competition with other strong artists Adele, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and Bruno Mars. At this point I was kinda in the level of liking J Lo, but not that much. Then she released her second song for the album which totally made me like and love J Lo. Yep, it's the Island-flavored and fun track about being too much in love. 

J Lo with William Levy 

Wayne, J Lo's fave MC

I first took notice of the song in YouTube when it was first released, you know this promotion stuff for VeVo. For two days of being there I never had the least feeling of watching it because I really don't have any plan of making wasting another 4 minutes for a video that I don't fancy that much. Finally!, I thought, YouTube stopped promoting the song as it was not anymore present in the right side of all the videos I was trying to watch. Came a day when I did not have any more videos to watch because I thought I have had all the necessary view for the videos I was rooting to watch because of a weekday madness at work. Uhuh! I suddenly remembered J Lo' I'm Into You and bang!!! I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it and I can't help myself pressing the Replay button for the video. There is this certain element of the song which I really like that keeps me from wanting for some more. To be fair, I believe that is the Na Na Na Na Na Na Yeah things in every chorus of the song. At first I thought the lyrics was stupid like those written by Kesha but    after a while I said it's fun! More to this crazy beat, Wayne's wordplay is just perfect fit for the song. As a proof to my love for this song, you would find me chanting this song whenever I'm on my way to the loo while at work, while on the bus for work and while plainly doing nothing.
Here is a cover of the song I just found on YouTube and this one is frigging awesome:

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