23 February 2011

We R Who We R

I am super duper happy with what's happening in the present international music scene as idolized female singers continue to create songs that promote self-esteem and self-respect. As the homeboys continue to dazzle millions of young people with their men-centered, unintelligible rap hits, some artists go in behalf of those who haven't find their places yet. I don't have anything about being ghetto and the thugs, but I guess it's a bit too much. We've seen and heard a lot of those women and young people who live by with what those songs tell them. Booty-shaking in the club, crib-hopping with a bad-ass guy you like erotically, drooling all your might with a guy who have the benz and cash, crap! can we say and do something that's for ourselves. Being cool and in with a certain clique doesn't mean depreciating your total value. Clueless with what I am saying? It's pretty simple, celebrate life (not with what I've said earlier); celebrate in a sense of valuing yourself and those things that you can do. Celebrate being alive and being in love 'cause there's like tons of reasons to do so than no to. Embrace who you really are because your identity is the best thing in this world that you can brag of.
Music is one of the best catharses we can be involved in order to motivate us to go for the gold. Most of the time, listening to songs that are suppose to lift our spirits up don't make any help. But eventually, there are those which are for the kill. At the moment, I am going to spin two of the latest singles that will surely make you feel high and fell from the murkiness you are presently in.
First record is Kesha's We R Who We R. 
The song is an electropop with an addictive and to-die-for beat. The song's simple message go out like this "I am who I am and tonight I am going to be the best out of myself!". A pretty cocky song telling everyone else in the world that being cool is being yourself, that being happy is being true to what you want. The song's not close with being boring and the upbeat tempo will surely fire you to dance and hop like there is no forever. The chart-topping hit reflects how Kesha embrace herself and struggled to be known as what she is and look at her now, the fame and the name!
Next one is the latest gagalicious song from Lady Gaga named Born This Way. 
The song was finally seen and heard live at the Grammy's last week. The song stirred the public and got us all in a heighten hype alert. Gaga, known with her glamorous and sometimes grotesque wardrobes no brings us this excpetional song. It is actually about accepting yourself that by no mistake you are destined to be who you really are but it doesn't mean doing things wrongly. It is giving justice and pride to what God has made you and what has He given you. I totally love the song. Catchy chorus and queen and drag portion is awesome.

22 February 2011


My day ended with a total blast!!! It was like 5 pm and I decided to attend at my cousins' school contest. They called it Academic Competition Part 2 which was I think very clever and and free from generic-ism. I asked them since that was Part 2 then when did Part 1 happened? I was in hysteria to know that Part 1 took place last semester, I was like WTF was that. I just found it very odd, I mean bizarre in most ways. But I kept myself in total silence as I want to redeem myself as an nonjudgmental human being before the very eyes of my cousins. 
The contest had three parts; talumpati (Memorized Speech), Interpreting a Christian song into a dance and debate. I was coolly excited and couldn't wait for the program to start since I, myself, had been participating such events way back in college. Talumpati started and it should be memorized but it has to be original. Three participants took the challenge and the given topic went this way "Ang Sentimyento Ng Sambayanang Pilipino sa Pagkamatay ni 'Late' General Angelo Reyes". I know!!! it was totally funny because it had to be in Filipino but the how the topic was stated was not cool. Imagine how awkward the thing was! Unimaginable. More to that, the participants blew me away, in a negative note. They were unprepared and the last one was like standing for almost ten minutes without saying a word. Total disaster!
The interpretative dance followed and it was satisfactory. Only one group did an excellent job.
Lastly, debate arrived and it was boring as hell. I couldn't even imagine how defaming it was in the holy name of debate.
Despite all these stuffs, I am very thankful because of the nonstop fun I had. Imagine laughing vigorously for the whole entire time. 

21 February 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Star

Sleepless for almost a week has been a total freak show for me. I don't know but I am not well convinced with the word "insomnia" as the main cause of this mind-f*cking thing. Imagine the wanting to sleep at 11 pm but then you can't just because you just can't. Hope insomnia could be stringently related to euphoria because if it is possible then baby, you could have me all night long for the rest of my entire goddamn life. But, it's not and it's really irritating. I could actually try me some help from a physician but I am way practical to use my scarce resource just for a knockout session with a doctor. 
I guess when you tend to think a lot then your mind won't certainer stop, that it'll compulsively and involuntarily function unless you have personally overcome whatever that is that your mind wants to remind you. But, I am not thinking of anything or anyone in an excessive manner. Damn! I am way too busy to preempt myself with some crazy thoughts. 

18 February 2011

Jessica Mauboy's What Happened To Us Featuring Jay Sean: A Video Preview

Australia's very own R & B royalty Jessica Mauboy released a video of the third single  to be promoted from her sophomore album, Get 'Em Girls. The single was titled What Happened To Us featuring vocals from UK's Jay Sean. 
The video for me is the fanciest music video Jessica has ever yet made. I thought I adore Jessica's charm as she opened the video sitting in a couch singing the first lines of the of the song. Sean came as they were going to have this dinner date. Apparently, Jessica was a little bit busy with herself texting someone, which I guess kinda irritated Sean which also made him left the dinner putting the house key on the table. Okay, they were lovers in the video and the video tells us how they bought the house for themselves because they were moving in together. The other part of the video revolved with Jessica's totally unsexy hand gestures. She kept on touching her face, raising her one hand, drooling her hands onto her breasts which I thought to be simply unpleasant. The other thing that really made this an awful video was how they used the house key attached in a bling as a material for the video. I don't know if it's just me, but seeing Jessica holding the key in some kinda' awkward manner is definitely uncool. One more thing was the last scene of the video, when Jessica was wearing this sequined-dress with Jay in the garden. As they were passionately singing (as they should be) I found the whole act extremely horrible. I mean Jessica rubbing her hands onto Jay's face was something that shouldn't be shooted.
Is the song a promotional video for BlackBerry? look on 0:36.
Meanwhile, here is a live performance of the song wherein Mauboy sang Sean's part. As usual she did it superbly.

[Poem Pom] End of the Heydays

This comment was like the best for me. It boosted my confidence of making more pieces:

Discovering Fresh Music: Blake McGrath

Looking for a catchy and a groove-booster album? Holla! I am supa' dupa' proud to introduce Blake McGrath. Professional choreographer and dancer, the Canadian stud appeared in many important dance production for some of the most important events in the entertainment.
In 2003, McGrath was chosen to perform on Michael Jackson's thirtieth anniversary special. In 2006, he performed alongside Paulina Rubio at the 2004 LatinGrammy Awards. Also in 2006 he has an appearance in the documentary Freestyle (with Brian Friedman). He has appeared in Gap campaigns (with Sarah Jessica Parker), and in advertisements for iPod, Old Navy (which he also choreographed), and Hummer.
He has danced with stars such as Madonna, Britney Spears Janet Jackson, Adam Lambert, Ashanti, Destiny's Child, P!nk, Craig David,and Jewel.
Grath has an amazing portfolio as a pro dancer. But, in 2010 he pursued a music profession by releasing a Time to Move. It was released in Canada on November 2, 2010.

Track listing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_to_Move)

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Time to Move" (Intro) Goggs Gordon 1:14
2. "Relax"   3:07
3. "The Night (Only Place to Go)"   Blake McGrath
Jonathan "JDiggz" Poirier
4. "Penthouse" (featuring Trish) Goggs Gordon 3:24
5. "Stage Fright"   Andres R. Gill Jr.
Zachary E. Maxey
6. "Love Sick"   3:39
7. "Runway"   Luther A. Brown 3:35
8. "You Got It"   3:22
9. "Hate the Rain"   Andres R. Gill Jr.
Zachary E. Maxey
10. "Burn the Floor"   Richard Singh 2:48
11. "Turn It Up"   Luther A. Brown
12. "Don't Stress"   Jenson Vaughan 3:18
13. "Lullaby"   3:3

Thank God I Am Not From These Schools!

Learning is completely an awesome stuff, going to school everyday, having fun with friends, getting to know your teachers and just plainly digging every moment your at school. In relation to that, we usually go to schools that we think that can serve best to our needs. But today I am going to show some unfortunate schools names that'll surely amplify your vocal cords laughing.

1. Tiny Tits School
 2. Massacre Pre-School
3. EPIC School
 4. Pansy Kidd Middle School
 5. Butte High School
 6. Governor Dummer Academy
 7. Inuman Elementary School
8. Worthington Hooker School
 9. Weed High School
 10. The Porny School
 11. Butts Road Primary High
 12. Colon High School

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

Back in the limelight is Pop Princess, Britney Spears, with a powerful dance-pop Hold It Against Me. Released last first week of January, the single plummeted onto number 1 in many international charts, including Billboard Hot 100. After a week the song lost domination and fell into the charts paving way for the rumor that it would not be promoted by the Pop Princess. Hours passed and the first trailer for the single's MTV was released via Spears VEVO account in YouTube. And now after an eight teasers released on the Internet, this is really is it. Britney is so back! as in super back!. Catch the videos premiere!

Don't Engrish Me, I Can't Understand!

While Filipinos are known in Asia as an English-speaking powerhouse, our neighboring South-East and East Asian countries are not that fortunate enough in the mastery and proficiency of speaking the language. History tells us the very reason for this, that many of the Asian countries in the Pacific were never penetrated by any of the English-speaking colonialists and that they also resisted such intrusion. More to that, many of these Asian countries fixated the trade in their coasts thus contact with outsiders was exclusively improbable. Speaking English was also prohibited in these countries, regarding it as an act that is against their nationalistic spirit. But when English evolved as the universal language, these countries encouraged shifted to a more friendly perspective about the language--- giving birth to what they call ENGRISH.
An adorable exemplar of Engrish
According to Wikipedia.org Engrish refers to unusual English originating in East Asian countries. The term itself satirises the frequent habit of Japanese people to confuse the English phonemes "R" with "L", since the Japanese language has one alveolar consonant in place of both. The word is not used in Japan, as the actual Japanese word for the English language is eigo.
While the term may refer to spoken English, it is more often used to describe written English. Engrish can be found in many places, including signs, menus, and advertisements. Terms such as Japanglish, Japlish or Janglish for Japan, Konglish for Korea, Singlish for Singapore, and Chinglish for China are sometimes used as well.
Here is some of the really funny Engrish. (for more amazingly insane images visit engrish.com.)

Catch this very funny Korean songs with some awful usage of the English language. (www.youtube.com)

New Facebook Record

Just yesterday a new Facebook feat had been recorded. Lil Wayne beaten out numerous other artists, actors, stores, and fast food items to set the record for garnering the most "Likes" on Facebook in a 24 hour period. Wayne garnered a staggering 588,243 LIKES in a 24-hour time period. The whopping number was achieved as Wayne managed to rally all of his fans and supporters to go to his Facebook fan page and click the thumbs-up "Like" button within 24 hours. 
Meanwhile, the rapper's ultimate opponent, the cookie giant OREO, for the record cam with 114,619 LIKES in a 24-hour span. 
Wayne is up to another record forthe Guinness Book of World Records for his accomplishment. Yes, there is an official Guinness record for the most Facebook Likes in 24 hours.

17 February 2011

Awful Trophy

I was with Chito (my college buddy) yesterday and as he was doing some work for a report the next day, I was busy watching these local shows. It was I guess 11 and one of my favorite shows SNN hosted by Boy and Bianca aired. After the first break, Boy was holding this trophy that really caught me. I was like "What the hell is that?" he explained that its an award given by the USTV Awards. I retorted and said "Okay", but what's with the trophy? Personally, I think it's a very awful one. And I have three Us for it, unfortunate, unsettling and ugly. First reaction was I thought it has a very suggestive architecture. Boy was holding it making in a horizontal way making the topmost portion looks like the a man's schlong. I was terribly devastated. And the colors also, talking about the colors, its very unpleasant. 
I don't really have nothing against UST or the Awards Night, its just that they better make a better-looking and fitting trophy 'cause it kinda suck. Here is a video from last year's awards. I can't find a picture of the new ones. But, its almost the same just that the top most part is not anymore flat but somehow bulging.

A Letter That's Whatever

Imagine writing about something that just came out of randomness and of a bit of partial insanity. Imagine telling a story that doesn't have any relevance or even a goddamn storyline. Imagine pursuing a certain notion that your brain can't even deliberately elucidate in a humanistic manner. I guess, you'll directly lay your pen on the lap of your table and for a while think of something that is completely reasonable and logically accepted to write.

Myriad of things in this world are totally writable, while some aren't due to some restrictions imposed by oneself, his personal beliefs, his society or to whomever or whatever that has an influence on him/her. As I was writing this one, after I dotted my pen on to the paper for a period, right after the word write, an abrupt rush of a message which came out of nowhere made me continue writing with things about taking risks. Five another sentences followed then I stopped and marked it with a long, thin "X" mark and restarted again on how to pursue the very thought of my letter. But, then again I was terribly blown out why did I thought of it when in fact that is the whole friggin' point of my essay--- writing about things you don't or can't explain. Am i making myself horribly irritating in this one? or am I like taking the right words out of your mouth saying "YEAH dude! I was thinking the same"? Whatever that is your thinking I don't mind you getting some nerve to ever like it.

As I am incessantly stroking my hands by my fingers with this pen and pouring my whole sanity, half of me is shouting " What the hell do you think you are doing wasting the pen's ink and your time when it's 1 in the midnight?" and the counterpart poignantly says " Go on! Let the words flow". Honestly! After trying to sleep for five whole hour's my attempts all failed and now I can't launch any more cunning act. Tried listening to some fine tunes, read a lousy fashion magazine and ate me some sweets plus drank lotsa' fluids still, B-I-G still! I am wide awake and my mind's more active than it is when I was taking my exams in college. 

Here I am, staying overnight at my buddy's place, sitting at his chair, facing a velvet-line mirror and his giant Neuroanatomy medical book. Think of a more perfect scene where should I be at this very moment because here is totally awesome.

Just A Thought!

12 Hilarious Knock-off Fails (From Oddee.com)

I was busying myself with things to write when suddenly came across with this stuff.  I was like laughing the entire time. I can't even imagine what nerve do the makers of these products have for copying top brands but not giving any justice to it. And the first injustice would be these knock-offs. Hahahayy!!! This stuff's insane.

3. 50 First Dates (Film)
 7. m & m's
9. Wii
10. McDonald's
11. PSP

And my personal favorite would be the Dolce & Banana, totally awesome and ingenious!!!

16 February 2011

Google and Facebook Vying to Buy Twitter!

Rumor about Google and Facebook competing to buy twitter has certainly cause a cyber-daze. Wall Stret Journal first reported the issue which was then retorted by twitter CEO Dick Costolo at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona vastly denying the accusation and said that such issues usually come out of nowhere that people must not believe such rumor.
When asked about Google buying it, he immediately had himself on guard and said "People write that stuff all the time. I don’t know where these things come from. It’s just a rumor."
But when asked about Facebook's possible acquisition of the social networking site, he did not say a word. Seemed like something is really going on between the two. 
The last time Twitter talked acquisition; it had yet to bring in any real money from advertising or traffic. This time around, Twitter has monetized, but Costolo has yet to comment on how much Twitter is actually making.
If ever Facebook buy Twitter then the two giants in social network can totally enhance their services allowig a synergistic relationship between them. And I guess it would be pretty exciting and beneficial to the users.
What do you think?