12 May 2011

Sam's Dilemma V

Two weeks passed and I haven't updated you guys about the latest stuffs about Sam. You know me guys, last thing that would come into your mind why I abruptly stopped blogging is because I got tired of it and it's true that's the last thing I would do (:O). Okay!!! So, two weeks was a transition from Triassic to whatever so definitely it's going to be a long story, so just to make things quick and readable I will be telling some of those things that kept me thinking for a while.

First is the growing friendship between Sam and the guy (can we name the guy? Uhmp, how about.......Oh no just don't mind). As we proceed to the next step after training period I think that many of us have developed deep ties as friends and some are also in the middle of calculating on how can the edge out everyone. Sam's circle of peers (I'm a part) really have this special bond that kinda' make us comfortable with each other, I am not being time-biased here guys but I've been with so many groups and I could really tell the difference. We started going out together, like have some group meal by the Bay and have us some quality chit-chats and a bit of open-forum to have ourselves evaluated. Within this development, Sam started of be comfortable with the guy and vice versa. They have been talking things that have some substance, not your ordinary trashy chikas. I can attest how this closeness makes Sam feel a lot more better on what they could become at the end of the day. But things just need some time to go on a certain trail to be fully developed into something that is worth the wait. 

Second stuff that continues to sizzle me is how I see all what's happening coming into something that I never expected. I thought of it before that it's going to be a bit condescending for the connection between the two go further as I was not really expecting a lot. But then, things had started to hit me and the rest of the group, like those cutesy jokes about them before turned into something that we take seriously now. I can't really explain a lot about it but one thing is in perfect frame and that is this could be something.  

Honestly, I was thinking  lot of what to put in here but then I had my dinner and all of sudden I lost all those things that are floating, waiting to be in my monitor so I am very sorry guys but I have to end this one because I need to think of it further. And other thing, my coherence and grammar is at its worse. 
Gotta go guys.

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