20 September 2013

Now, Britney Spears Commands You To Betta' 'Work Bitch"!

I am so loving this new song from the one and only POP PRINCESS Britney Spears. I don't know, but I just love it. I love the British accent thing going on and I love the fact that it's quite different from the other records she had done before. Though there are slight sameness to her previous collbaoration with will.i.am's 'Scream & Shout' there is no denying that it is much less busy. I don't agree with some reviews saying that it doesn't have any catchy or memorable hook to let you sing to it or even remember it because the whole friggin' song was hooky enough to make you wait for the song to finish before you hit replay. I am so ready for this new era of pure Britney realness.

Children Of The Sun - Tinie Tempah Ft. John Martin

Failing to peak atop of the UK Official Charts was pretty  much the forseen situation when Tempah chose to debut his sophomore album with a mess that is Trampoline. Seriously! The only thing I liked about the song was the Nike reference and the the City-name dropping which was completely a better version of Hilltop Hood's 'I Love It'. I was a bit expecting for a 'Pass Out' kinda first single and then a 'Written in the Stars' kinda follow up but then he had an awfully awry chart result jumping throught the electro-rap (I don't know what to call it, but it's noise) bandwagon. Tempah is definitely my favourite Brit rapper and was happy for his US endeavours falling part. 

Now back with Childred Of  The Sun with some help from the voice behind 'Don't You Worry Child', John Martin, I really have high hopes for the song to chart well and when I say well, I mean at the top not Trampoline-top or Sugababes-top. The song could be considered as a 'Stars' rehash but then the difference is that 'Stars' has this rock-rap-hiphop-alternative vibe to it while 'Sun' is just pure pop-rap perfection.

19 September 2013

Iggy Azalea Wants To 'Change Your Life"

Iggy Azalea is back with the third single, Change Your Life, from her debut album The New Classic set for a September release (don't have the exact date which means it won't be released this September or this year). The new song which features Azalea's boss, T.I., was described by the MC, herself, as one the popppiest moments of the album along with Bounce (which flopped but I don't care 'cause I so love it). The song is like Azalea's 'Moment 4 Life' moment because she knows that to get inside that Hot 100 cash cow she needs a catchy chorus. She now knows that her rapping talent alone won't get her nothing just like when Nicki ditched her hardcore MC-ing and did Pink Friday which made her what shit she is today.

I love the song because I love Iggy Azalea and I don't have any issues with her American-accent-rapping debacle because you know what rapping with an Aussie accent is just disturbing and if you think it sounds like Tinie or Tinchy rapping then you're very wrong. You see! Brit rapping is just cool and hip. Anyway I hope the song performs well enough to establish Azalea as legit in this business because she'd stay basic unless she scores a Top 40 hit.