19 May 2011

Mi Adele

Adele in one of her US tours
Earlier this year, Adele took the most successful crossover from the UK music scene to the much bigger US limelight in the last two decades. The humble 23-year old North London native sold more than 6 million copies of her newest studio album, 21, which was just released on the third week of February. Adele has started her music career way back in 2006 just after she graduated at the The BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology wherein she had a chance to be classmates with X-Factor's Leona Lewis and with an another English breakthrough artist for 2011, Jessie J. Adele first started writing songs and doing some demos when she finally signed to XL. Her first smash hit as a performer was Hometown Glory. But, a lot more bigger came after she released her debut album, 19, last 2008. The album sold more than 2.2. million copies by the end of 2009. And after a huge success in the UK, she and her management saw the potential in marketing Adele on American viewers and their first try seemed to fail. But, after a performance in the hit US TV show Saturday Night Live wherein she performed Chasing Pavements and Cold Shoulder she gained much much attention which then enabled her to top the iTunes download charts. After a short while Adele was recognized by the Grammy as the Best New Artist for that year. 

Adele became quite known in the US but when she currently went back there to launch her new album 21, she became even a more celebrated name in the US music scene. As a proof she currently holds the Billboard Hot 200 for consecutive 6 weeks and her single Rolling in the Deep recently topped the HOT 100 Charts, stealing it from Katy Perry's E.T. 

Okay, so what I really like about Adele is her voice. I mean she makes every song sound good. Let me give you and example:
Here is Cheryl Cole's Promise This
and see how Adele work her thing out:

Listening to Adele's album is really refreshing and the Motown feel of it really exciting. I admire the coherence of the album and i love the fact that the album is not that busy.

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