28 May 2011

Get Me Outta' Here

I am intoxicated seeing these stuffs
Okay!!! I am actually a bit recalcitrant these days, blame it to my unhealthy working environment wherein it  requires me of my utmost level of ingenuity for a stupid thing called multitasking. Honestly, work is a magic word for me before, I mean the actual work like a job, occupation and things such as. When I finished college at 19, I had my gushing work instinct all over me that it even impeded me from being a constant docile son. After a year of being a semi-crass and semi-obedient, I had my chance of having me some work. In an instant I was accepted for a work they say where all the renegade is. I did not care and won't really care, because i thought I found my pot of gold. I thought everything will be fine and I'll rock, you know do good. Think of me as stupid but my illusive thought of having better days for my work stretched until the day I finally had the notion of I just can't bare to do this anymore. It's not that It's bland or in anyway a mundane work but it's just that the work is as hard as attending Med School. I feel like I don't need to be doing this for a petty amount of money, well it's not that I am disregarding money issues on this subject matter, but I will be willing to study everyday for this work to pull up a good job if they will be paying me triple of what I am earning right now (Wow! Ang Kapal..lol)

Every friday is like a Respite day for me, but despite this Sunday pushes me with a hard kick that I don't want  the mother of all days arrive and just stop time. Then, here it'll come again and at 5:30 am I am like doing the routine again. To motivate myself, I keep on having this mindset that this is all happening because I need to challenge myself to achieve more, but this cliche is way over being at the top and pretty much lame. So, might as well someone asks, what keeps you from leaving? well, I don't actually know and I don't wanna push myself to weigh things just to arrive to a conclusion because that alone will just make things harder. So, I'll stay because it's quite tolerable for now. But, if there is chance I'll might get outta here.

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  1. just think positive.
    life is like a rainbow, each color represents different things life has to offer.

    when im feeling down,
    i think of happy things, things that make me
    smile, and my problems drift away instantly.

    - kurt gaston