18 May 2011

tête-à-tête with a Cretin

I am not the type of person who basically go on a road trip with other people bashing some other individual whose presence is argumentatively irritating everyone. Simply put, the back-stabbing thingy is ain't a cool stuff for me. I always say that people must accept each other regardless of the individual differences they might have because in the first place it's the primary reason why you might not like the person on the first contact. To me, I believe that differences is something that is purely subjective as I concede to the fact that human beings,  don't mind the color or the belief, relate to each other instantly when a specific favorable situation takes place. I am person trapped in this stupid and murky ideology and I admit that I must be pretty stupid enough to think that things will work out because of the relationship and commonalities I want to emphasize. The sudden change of my personal view about the issue I was just discussing is when I met a prick, more of an oaf, I guess.
Well, not really!!!
So, when I decided to have some life a push my ass for some work to live that life I am saying, I came to the point of befriending everyone for the sake of just making a difference. Friends are cool especially when you think that you are comfortable enough to tell them what you are and what you want. And then some friends are just better held by an heron, eye for an eye, because some do things that you normally don't expect them to do. In life, you always assume to the antagonist of your own story, nobody wants to play the role of a villain so no matter how much people hate you, at the end of every night you try to justify yourself and rationalize things and conclude that you are in the right track. And I am very good at that, but I've met someone who is even far greater in doing this stupid bluff. Reasons maybe they just want to fit in or they just want to roam around with the swagger and some air facing people with their best behaviour. Inside them, all they have in mind is keep it cool and work some air. Nah, they're even clueless of the fact that people around them just want to cut him some slack and insert him to wherever he might perfectly fit. Him is just for the sake of argument, so nothing or no one really specific.

Stupidity and arrogance always come hand in hand but there is this little amount of awareness onto their part but somehow they still manage to keep it the way they want it to be.
And all the onlookers could just do is laugh at it and make him their daily laughing-stock. At least in that sense somehow that person is still managing to be a hot issue and I am pretty sure he is more than pleased. Anyway, I don't wanna make my day that stupid so I have to go and be back some other time.

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