8 May 2011

X-Factor Invading US

Time is no more an issue for X-Factor's American debut because the world's best and most decent reality talent search is set to hit US TV massively this mid-year. For loyal AI fanatics out there who still cling on to the notion that AI will give us a piece of a successful talent, well after 9 years we should call it a wrap. X-Factor's predecessor UK Pop Idol started it all but nothing will ever beat the charm the UK X-Factor has and the rest of the franchise. I was never a fan of AI but that doesn't discredit me of giving any valid and true whatever about the show. The main thing that makes the show very odd and out-of-this-world is why do Americans vote for someone they don't want to support at the end of the day. Say AI and no one really pops in my mind as long commercial success is in concern. Yeah, everyone knows the winners, but not really all the winner because I can only name Carrie and Kelly because they were the only successful out of the 10 winners. For "I don't know" reason, Americans are totally unbelievable when it comes to their music tastes, epic example is My Humps winning the Grammy's when it could have been the worst song (lyrically concern) of the decade. Instinct tells me never to trust the American taste of good music as to whoever hits big in America doesn't necessarily means due credit to the musical ingenuity. Well, I guess I was carried away and I need to make another post for this (LOL).

Back with the X-Factor thingy, Perez recently confirmed that X-Factor will be hosted by Nicole from the defunct girl-band PCD and some other Brit bloke while judges confirmed were Paula, Simon and Cheryl Cole. It was really true when Perez said that Simon is trying to bring some of her brood into American limelight as Cherl is gaining some attention from record labels. B's hubby Jay-Z was reported to be very persuasive in making Cole sing Roc Nation. It could be a very smart choice for Cheryl to sing Jay's label because it'll somehow guarantee her success. On the lighter note, I so can't wait for the show. I have some predictions that the show will steal ratings massively from AI and it'll bring the best out of America. X-Factor is not your ordinary talent show because group singers have the chance to audition. Each judges will be assigned to the different categories like one for the boys, the other will be for the girl and next one is for the groups. The judges can personally mentor their contestants. It's going to be very awesome.

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