21 May 2011

I Was Born A Champion

Today is my Feel Good Day!!! What I really like about weekends is that it gives you all the time to think about how good you are and the things you deserve for being so darn good. And the other thing I like about weekend is that I could have all my day just lying down to just listen to all my favorite beats. For today, May 21, 2011, after a long day from work seconded by a tiring night hopping from one place to another (Veneto Pizza, Harbor View and Starbucks) I have all the nerve to feel good about myself. My arms are aching and my legs are strained like hell, but I still like the feeling though. The pain is so good that I just want it with me for this weekend. To keep all the drama I feel in tone, I did my playlist made of some of the best underrated songs I've ever heard. I just want to fill my ears with fresh and not-that-much-busy music. It's just that, I feel so good!

The thing is, when you feel so good you'll start to have that cocky air and you'll almost want to admit being conceited for some time. I really don't have something huge to share for this day, just want to invite you guys to celebrate life. Feel like a champion and do it even harder listening to Chipmunk's Champion and Jodie Conor's Bring It. 

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