17 February 2011

A Letter That's Whatever

Imagine writing about something that just came out of randomness and of a bit of partial insanity. Imagine telling a story that doesn't have any relevance or even a goddamn storyline. Imagine pursuing a certain notion that your brain can't even deliberately elucidate in a humanistic manner. I guess, you'll directly lay your pen on the lap of your table and for a while think of something that is completely reasonable and logically accepted to write.

Myriad of things in this world are totally writable, while some aren't due to some restrictions imposed by oneself, his personal beliefs, his society or to whomever or whatever that has an influence on him/her. As I was writing this one, after I dotted my pen on to the paper for a period, right after the word write, an abrupt rush of a message which came out of nowhere made me continue writing with things about taking risks. Five another sentences followed then I stopped and marked it with a long, thin "X" mark and restarted again on how to pursue the very thought of my letter. But, then again I was terribly blown out why did I thought of it when in fact that is the whole friggin' point of my essay--- writing about things you don't or can't explain. Am i making myself horribly irritating in this one? or am I like taking the right words out of your mouth saying "YEAH dude! I was thinking the same"? Whatever that is your thinking I don't mind you getting some nerve to ever like it.

As I am incessantly stroking my hands by my fingers with this pen and pouring my whole sanity, half of me is shouting " What the hell do you think you are doing wasting the pen's ink and your time when it's 1 in the midnight?" and the counterpart poignantly says " Go on! Let the words flow". Honestly! After trying to sleep for five whole hour's my attempts all failed and now I can't launch any more cunning act. Tried listening to some fine tunes, read a lousy fashion magazine and ate me some sweets plus drank lotsa' fluids still, B-I-G still! I am wide awake and my mind's more active than it is when I was taking my exams in college. 

Here I am, staying overnight at my buddy's place, sitting at his chair, facing a velvet-line mirror and his giant Neuroanatomy medical book. Think of a more perfect scene where should I be at this very moment because here is totally awesome.

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