21 February 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Lil' Star

Sleepless for almost a week has been a total freak show for me. I don't know but I am not well convinced with the word "insomnia" as the main cause of this mind-f*cking thing. Imagine the wanting to sleep at 11 pm but then you can't just because you just can't. Hope insomnia could be stringently related to euphoria because if it is possible then baby, you could have me all night long for the rest of my entire goddamn life. But, it's not and it's really irritating. I could actually try me some help from a physician but I am way practical to use my scarce resource just for a knockout session with a doctor. 
I guess when you tend to think a lot then your mind won't certainer stop, that it'll compulsively and involuntarily function unless you have personally overcome whatever that is that your mind wants to remind you. But, I am not thinking of anything or anyone in an excessive manner. Damn! I am way too busy to preempt myself with some crazy thoughts. 

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