17 February 2011

Awful Trophy

I was with Chito (my college buddy) yesterday and as he was doing some work for a report the next day, I was busy watching these local shows. It was I guess 11 and one of my favorite shows SNN hosted by Boy and Bianca aired. After the first break, Boy was holding this trophy that really caught me. I was like "What the hell is that?" he explained that its an award given by the USTV Awards. I retorted and said "Okay", but what's with the trophy? Personally, I think it's a very awful one. And I have three Us for it, unfortunate, unsettling and ugly. First reaction was I thought it has a very suggestive architecture. Boy was holding it making in a horizontal way making the topmost portion looks like the a man's schlong. I was terribly devastated. And the colors also, talking about the colors, its very unpleasant. 
I don't really have nothing against UST or the Awards Night, its just that they better make a better-looking and fitting trophy 'cause it kinda suck. Here is a video from last year's awards. I can't find a picture of the new ones. But, its almost the same just that the top most part is not anymore flat but somehow bulging.


  1. wow ang galing mo talaga fengsui.. ang ganda napa unique tong blog/

  2. dag dagan mo pah ng maraming pictures or vedios ung maganda ant kaakit akit/././.mwaw