23 February 2011

We R Who We R

I am super duper happy with what's happening in the present international music scene as idolized female singers continue to create songs that promote self-esteem and self-respect. As the homeboys continue to dazzle millions of young people with their men-centered, unintelligible rap hits, some artists go in behalf of those who haven't find their places yet. I don't have anything about being ghetto and the thugs, but I guess it's a bit too much. We've seen and heard a lot of those women and young people who live by with what those songs tell them. Booty-shaking in the club, crib-hopping with a bad-ass guy you like erotically, drooling all your might with a guy who have the benz and cash, crap! can we say and do something that's for ourselves. Being cool and in with a certain clique doesn't mean depreciating your total value. Clueless with what I am saying? It's pretty simple, celebrate life (not with what I've said earlier); celebrate in a sense of valuing yourself and those things that you can do. Celebrate being alive and being in love 'cause there's like tons of reasons to do so than no to. Embrace who you really are because your identity is the best thing in this world that you can brag of.
Music is one of the best catharses we can be involved in order to motivate us to go for the gold. Most of the time, listening to songs that are suppose to lift our spirits up don't make any help. But eventually, there are those which are for the kill. At the moment, I am going to spin two of the latest singles that will surely make you feel high and fell from the murkiness you are presently in.
First record is Kesha's We R Who We R. 
The song is an electropop with an addictive and to-die-for beat. The song's simple message go out like this "I am who I am and tonight I am going to be the best out of myself!". A pretty cocky song telling everyone else in the world that being cool is being yourself, that being happy is being true to what you want. The song's not close with being boring and the upbeat tempo will surely fire you to dance and hop like there is no forever. The chart-topping hit reflects how Kesha embrace herself and struggled to be known as what she is and look at her now, the fame and the name!
Next one is the latest gagalicious song from Lady Gaga named Born This Way. 
The song was finally seen and heard live at the Grammy's last week. The song stirred the public and got us all in a heighten hype alert. Gaga, known with her glamorous and sometimes grotesque wardrobes no brings us this excpetional song. It is actually about accepting yourself that by no mistake you are destined to be who you really are but it doesn't mean doing things wrongly. It is giving justice and pride to what God has made you and what has He given you. I totally love the song. Catchy chorus and queen and drag portion is awesome.

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