16 February 2011

Google and Facebook Vying to Buy Twitter!

Rumor about Google and Facebook competing to buy twitter has certainly cause a cyber-daze. Wall Stret Journal first reported the issue which was then retorted by twitter CEO Dick Costolo at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona vastly denying the accusation and said that such issues usually come out of nowhere that people must not believe such rumor.
When asked about Google buying it, he immediately had himself on guard and said "People write that stuff all the time. I don’t know where these things come from. It’s just a rumor."
But when asked about Facebook's possible acquisition of the social networking site, he did not say a word. Seemed like something is really going on between the two. 
The last time Twitter talked acquisition; it had yet to bring in any real money from advertising or traffic. This time around, Twitter has monetized, but Costolo has yet to comment on how much Twitter is actually making.
If ever Facebook buy Twitter then the two giants in social network can totally enhance their services allowig a synergistic relationship between them. And I guess it would be pretty exciting and beneficial to the users.
What do you think? 

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