22 February 2011


My day ended with a total blast!!! It was like 5 pm and I decided to attend at my cousins' school contest. They called it Academic Competition Part 2 which was I think very clever and and free from generic-ism. I asked them since that was Part 2 then when did Part 1 happened? I was in hysteria to know that Part 1 took place last semester, I was like WTF was that. I just found it very odd, I mean bizarre in most ways. But I kept myself in total silence as I want to redeem myself as an nonjudgmental human being before the very eyes of my cousins. 
The contest had three parts; talumpati (Memorized Speech), Interpreting a Christian song into a dance and debate. I was coolly excited and couldn't wait for the program to start since I, myself, had been participating such events way back in college. Talumpati started and it should be memorized but it has to be original. Three participants took the challenge and the given topic went this way "Ang Sentimyento Ng Sambayanang Pilipino sa Pagkamatay ni 'Late' General Angelo Reyes". I know!!! it was totally funny because it had to be in Filipino but the how the topic was stated was not cool. Imagine how awkward the thing was! Unimaginable. More to that, the participants blew me away, in a negative note. They were unprepared and the last one was like standing for almost ten minutes without saying a word. Total disaster!
The interpretative dance followed and it was satisfactory. Only one group did an excellent job.
Lastly, debate arrived and it was boring as hell. I couldn't even imagine how defaming it was in the holy name of debate.
Despite all these stuffs, I am very thankful because of the nonstop fun I had. Imagine laughing vigorously for the whole entire time. 

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