18 February 2011

Thank God I Am Not From These Schools!

Learning is completely an awesome stuff, going to school everyday, having fun with friends, getting to know your teachers and just plainly digging every moment your at school. In relation to that, we usually go to schools that we think that can serve best to our needs. But today I am going to show some unfortunate schools names that'll surely amplify your vocal cords laughing.

1. Tiny Tits School
 2. Massacre Pre-School
3. EPIC School
 4. Pansy Kidd Middle School
 5. Butte High School
 6. Governor Dummer Academy
 7. Inuman Elementary School
8. Worthington Hooker School
 9. Weed High School
 10. The Porny School
 11. Butts Road Primary High
 12. Colon High School

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