18 February 2011

Jessica Mauboy's What Happened To Us Featuring Jay Sean: A Video Preview

Australia's very own R & B royalty Jessica Mauboy released a video of the third single  to be promoted from her sophomore album, Get 'Em Girls. The single was titled What Happened To Us featuring vocals from UK's Jay Sean. 
The video for me is the fanciest music video Jessica has ever yet made. I thought I adore Jessica's charm as she opened the video sitting in a couch singing the first lines of the of the song. Sean came as they were going to have this dinner date. Apparently, Jessica was a little bit busy with herself texting someone, which I guess kinda irritated Sean which also made him left the dinner putting the house key on the table. Okay, they were lovers in the video and the video tells us how they bought the house for themselves because they were moving in together. The other part of the video revolved with Jessica's totally unsexy hand gestures. She kept on touching her face, raising her one hand, drooling her hands onto her breasts which I thought to be simply unpleasant. The other thing that really made this an awful video was how they used the house key attached in a bling as a material for the video. I don't know if it's just me, but seeing Jessica holding the key in some kinda' awkward manner is definitely uncool. One more thing was the last scene of the video, when Jessica was wearing this sequined-dress with Jay in the garden. As they were passionately singing (as they should be) I found the whole act extremely horrible. I mean Jessica rubbing her hands onto Jay's face was something that shouldn't be shooted.
Is the song a promotional video for BlackBerry? look on 0:36.
Meanwhile, here is a live performance of the song wherein Mauboy sang Sean's part. As usual she did it superbly.

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