24 April 2011

Sam's Dilemma

So, I know this is kinda illegal and inappropriate, I mean blogging while working but work sometimes can just kill the last nerve out of you. We are currently out for a break and there's like a whole lot of space to fill with this awkward and seemingly untimed break. I got this friend, Sam, who is an epitome of class, elegance, self-preservation and grace. She has some issues with her love life that we, her friends, are much much concerned. She likes this guy who she incessantly utter to be a carbon copy of her ex-lover, name it! the facial features, the plump body and the over-all enigma of the guy. All over the class, she always drool for the guy as if they had a great night a day before that needed a steamier sequel. I totally understand her side as I also have my fair share such tacky and rubbish thoughts.
So, to avoid any clash of emotion and semi-erotic feelings, she promised as in vowed not to ever, ever talk to the guy anymore. But, how could she? the guy was like all over the place and her thoughts were all over the guy, plus her password is the guy's name, mind you! everyone knows it! I am continuously amazed and tickled (how cheesy) by her unprecedented and unconscious giggles over the guy. Things seem to be so hard to explain when in the first place you have this proclivity to make it even harder. I got only one advise for my girl, and that is go wit' the flow and let the each moment be what it has to be. Because no matter how much you try to shun a guy all will lead to failure because you are doing it out of  the "love" thingy and not because of the otherwise. Well, well, well, this just might be another phase of this girl's intricate and complicated love life as she might eye and root for an another guy the next time that we are not anymore in the the same situation.

Grammar Nazis, Auto-correct is bugged down so mispelled words are all over the place.

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