26 April 2011

Sam's Dilemma [III]

Verily, Sam's exchanges with her physical world most especially with her work/love life have fascinated me to a whole different level. Causing a major major trynna-kill-myself effect on me which I don't usually enetertain I decided to make this a regular item for my blog.
So back on my third day of scribbling I took notice that Sam is not just partly enticed with the guy. How do I say so? Let's just say that I can percieve how Sam takes things seriously when it comes to stuffs that are somehow associated with the guy. To make things clearer, I admire how she doesn't want everyone to know her feelings about the guy, just trying to keep it to herself and to her close friends, I believe that is a good sign since she doesn't want to complicate things because such matter is so delicate that you just can't really cross the thin line between overdoing it and being too tame no to do anything. Uhh, I know! you might find my crazy humour haunting your doomed minds. Nothing really special happened but let's wait for later because we will never know.
---Went out for lunch break----

So, I'm back from lunch and I was just having my fingers twisted being so excited in giving you some of the juiciest stuffs that happened about Sam. As I was saying a while ago, the later part of the day started with a blast. I mean, Sam, for an another ground-breaking time, experienced one of the "coitus interruptus" moments she definitely can't get enough of.. The guy was teasing her with sexy talk and suggestive/provocative hand gestures and body language. Sam was on her mode of toiling with the flow of the scene but then there are few setbacks that she wanted to make the guy feel as she doesn't want to be perceived as the "it" girl in the wrong sense. She continually bugged me the whole time about what she could so best in avoiding the guy. I just can't find the right advise since I myself was overwhelmed by what they are becoming.

Gotta go guys.

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