28 April 2011

Sam's Dilemma [IV]

Back again and this time I'm more packed with the thickest slices of issues concerning our golden girl, Sam. But before anything else I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday. I was just pre-occupied as hell but things are going better now.
For yesterday nothing noticeable really happened so I just supposed that it's not much of gret importance to update you guys. I'll just have my piece of opinion about the entire issue. In my personal views, I am in a horned syllogism of whether there is really something that's worth expecting for. I can't fully trust my sensibilities in its utmost level since I am completely shunning any presumptive statement that has something to do with everything. I am just seeing things in an outsider spectrum and my say to what Sam can't elucidate will defeat the purpose of my being non-partisan about this one.
Sam is still hyping everyone about her sham fancy with the other in the next room (well, not really the next). She is on her best behaviour to show everyone the opposite of what she is feeling. Tough act for a girl since it's a damn hard thing putting a hard wall between yourself and the people around you. I am still waiting for further development but for the meantime enjoy this track that I am about to drop which I guess pretty related to Sam's story.

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