20 January 2014

Pixie Lott Completely Lost It With 'Nasty'

After a forgettable sophomore album, Ms Lott is now readying a new single and an album this year. Though, most list makers may have forgotten to include her (could be intentional solely basing on the lacklustre performance of the 2nd Album) in their 'Most Anticipated What-Nots of 2014', Pixie came to surprise everyone with an awful and 'Nasty' single.

She just recently released some video teasers (I'm not sure) with some disturbing images:

1. She's got a terrible midriff.

2. Seriously? That squint was cringe-worthy.

3. Pixie, you don't need to do this. We like you sweet and fragile singing songs like 'My Love'  though you tend to hold one note and seem to shake it, you sound much decent than more famous pop stars.

I didn't like the song. But, I'd probably buy the album for the ballads.

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