21 January 2014

I Love Jason Derulo's 'Tattoo' - Nope! Not The Album

I have always been a fan of Jason Derulo 'cause he always bring this perfect blend of good pop, R&B and dance in a soulfully piercing vocals. Though he started with a good run to success in the United States (single-wise), he seemed to have narrowed his market audience in the past couple album releases thus promoting intensely in UK and mainland Europe. I honestly believe that Jason has been one of the acts whose sound has never changed after the course of three album releases.

I fell in love with his no. 1 track 'Whatcha Say' and just couldn't get over 'It Girl' but the new album Tattoos' single releases have been really depressing for me.

Well, I actually kinda liked 'The Other Side' but it doesn't have the staying power it should have to make you love it. Then he came out with this atrociously sounding 'Talk Dirty' which was more painfully grating than Tinie Tempah's 'Trampoline'. Next single was 'Marry Me' then he would be releasing 'Trumpets' - God! those songs are so just bland. 

I was just wishing a bit that he'd do a 'Tattoo' single release because the song was beyond awesome. It has the perfect vocals and just the right amount of pop beat to get you throught the end. The chorus is all but butterflies, it is just the perfect upbeat ballad you need for a sunny day. 

Jason's musical career is really difficult to fgure out like he isn't really that big locally, but he isn't also flopping. All of the singles he released had been certified platinum in Australia, I am talking about 12 songs (except 'What Id' and 'Undefeated'). He also had 3 UK Number 1 and 8 Top 10 versus 1 and 3 in the US, respectively.

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