20 January 2014

Danity Kane's 'Bye Baby' Is So Good That It Gets So Boring

When I first heard Danity Kane's new single after 100 Years, I was so excited that the moment that retro-beat with quirky bass hit it, it kinda felt dreamy that finally the Original Dolls came and rescued my mundane life with a sound that they have never done before although I was a bit hoping to be drenched again to a 'Damage' 2.0.  Anyway, the song didn't disappoint! Dawn's vocals were ethereal that I had completely forgotten how Audrey was oversinging the whole time until few more listens. After a few more spins, I fell out of love. I don't know why - it was just kinda boring.

The song is current, quite resembling 'Get Lucky' and 'Blurred Lines' - two of the most successful hits of the past year. They went very minimal with the sound and it did work with the vocals and I love the verses, even Audrey' s but the the chorus just didn't seem right to me. I was hoping for a more melodic and sugar-y chorus because the hook just wasn't enough to keep the momentum those verses were building. 

Well I hope this gets to be the official single because it would totally work out for a lot people but I'll wait for the album release and will continue on stanning.

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