5 February 2013

Conor Maynard's Turn Around Chrous Debacle

Conor Maynard is currently enjoying mainstream success in Europe producing four consecutive Top 40 hits on major European Music Charts. Needless to say, his best release yet was Turn Around which was penned by Ne-Yo and based on some blog entries the song was shortlisted to appear on NeYo's R.E.D. album but he instead gave it to Conor and featured himself - Conor is NeYo's protege. The 20-Year Old R&B/Pop singer first rose to fame due to countless Covers on YouTube which raked millions of hits worlwide, some of the Covers that I personally love are Starships and Don't You Worry Child.

Well, scoring a Number 1 Uk debut album ain't that bad for Conor as I think that he and Rita Ora were the Breakthrough Artists in UK for 2012. Back to Turn Around, the song was just perfect for his voice and the lower parts were spot on and his airy typeof voice was mostly sexy. Of course, NeYo's appeal to the second verse was just stellar as it gave a predictably surprising progress and dynamic transition. Most people were a bit worried on how he would pull off NeYo's part on live performances since NeYo's live appearance would just possibly happen if and only if Conor performs it on Brit Awards - which may be slighlty possible. But what worried me the most was him belting the chorus part which is way too high for his voice range and register and I don't want to watch a male version of Katy Perry's Firework performance during an American Music Awards on a regular basis.

The first live performance for the song was during his stint on VEVO Lift UK mid-2012 and to conceal his inability to pull the chorus part, the whole song's bass was totally loud and he was selectively singing the parts he was able to do. After that, his MOBO performance was a hot mess but the worst live version was on a French Radio Station, no loud music, no back up vocals - just him - and it was totally awful and beyond mortifying. The only instance he was able to get close to the album version, vocal-wise, was during his Top of the Pops performance.

Conor must be really happy right now that the promotion of the song was over as he moved on to a Wiley featured Animal. I know that there are just two things that annoy him the most - being compared to Justin Bieber and singing Turn Around live.

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