27 January 2013

Review - Dawn Richards' '86

With all the nonsensical drama - post Danity Kane - no one would think that R&B gem Dawn Richards was still capable of releasing good music. With few mediocre and some divine releases by 2010-2012, she still wasn't a hit in the Mainstream Music but I think this lass isn't really calling it quits as 2012 saw the announcement of her Sophomore Album Golden Heart wherein the first single to come out was the flaw-free '86. Released by Sept 2012, the song came unto my radar when the Music Video dropped mid-Jan this year.

The variety of vocal approached used in the song was of perfection, from the heartfelt yearning till its progression to something every powerful and cathartic was just stellar. The music video was unexplainably poignant, drenched with moments to induce nostalgia that you won't feel a tinge of indifference.

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