8 February 2013

Neon Hitch Shines with Midnight Sun

The not-so anticipated Beg, Borrow, and Steal album which was meant to come out as Neon's debut material was I think deleted from Warner Bros. database for a good reason - to slay us with dreamy EP, Happy Neon. Released last 14th of January, the six-piece delight is of free download and was purely Neon and Happy Perez's effort to introduce and brand her music after the disastrous F U Betta. 

My personal favourite from the record would be Midnight Sun as her voice really played out very well on the track. The urban-y feel with traceable pop influence gives you moments of pure sexual jubilation. Honestly, I want to have sex with this song all night long. This kind of song comes under Neon's forte as a musician and honestly it came as a surprise to me because I was completely thinking  that aside from posing with all types of grasses on Instagram nothing was keeping her busy.

See, Neon will never be ever successful mainstream-wise, Rihanna-like, but I think that she would be a great  musician in her own zone giving us both Top 40 realness with a distinct sound that only she can pull off. Too bad for her since she couldn't take the sexually-botled pop tart spot because Katy, Lady Gaga and Rihanna already have it though she tried (F U Betta) or the hippie-carefree persona as Ke$ha is so good at it though she is vocally better than her.  

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