4 January 2013

Top 5 Dance-Pop Track of 2012

2012 had been very good for artists who wanted to make a sure global hit through coming out with a Electro Dance Pop single and then never minded producing a decent album. Well, going through this music direction has more chances of selling and charting than going with the usual routes. 
Honestly, 2012 had been very euphoric for me as some of the dance songs released were I think the best of its kind, so let's kick the pig and round up with the five best singles.

5. Cheryl - Call My Name
The infamous Ms. Cole came back to the music scene last year omitting her last name as an attempt to rebrand herself and break the US Market. Well, the single was produced by Calvin Harris and when it was played first on radios, it was met by heavy criticisms about its similarity with We Found Love from Rihanna which was also produced by Harris. But after few listens, the song completely transforms into its own kind which was more aggressive than Rihanna's. It topped the UK Top 40 Chart and was named 34th Biggest Selling Single of the Year and 2nd Fastest Single of the Year by BBC.

4. Enrique Iglesias - Finally Found You
This Eurodance was Enrique's latest effort to enter the worldwide chart again after the disastrous collaboration with Dev for Naked which commercially and critically flopped. The single was met with luke warm response but no one could ever deny the fact that it was bad-ass euphoric and the appearance of Sammy Adams was also worth praising for.

3. Alexandra Burke - Elephant
After the success of her debut album Overcome which was a smashing hit and ultimately earned her Platinum Certification from UK, she went on for a long hiatus to create her second Magnum Opus but all went to  disappointing results. First, she failed to chart successfully and her album never produced a certified hit. The only thing good about her comeback was the epic Elephant which was so different from other songs of its kind. 

2. Havana Brown - Run The Night
Havana's debut single which came out last year was originally named Run The Night which topped Aussie Charts and helped her win her first ARIA. When she tried to tour US and Europe, she modified the song and featured PitBull but for me, the original version was way better than the new one. 

1. Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child
The release of "Child" was basically bittersweet as it also marked the trio's disbandment after One Last Tour.   Steve Martin's vocals on top of the euphoric synths will surely help you last the club. It's a pure bliss.

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