1 October 2012

[Review] Ke$ha - Die Young

I have been coercing myself to really love Ke$ha's comeback track "Die Young" 'cause I so miss my Ke$ha but it just seems not make the cut. A year and a half hiatus left the world puzzled and somehow thinking of what's Team Ke$ha's next offering after an epic debut single, album and a grotesquely nice sounding EP. Unlike Gaga who keeps on feeding us every second through her Goddarn Twitter mementos and with all her nonsense, Ke$ha just got back on track after releasing the flaw-free Supernatural snippet.

No denying that the first five seconds of the song is almost identical to Flo Rida's Good Feeling and no denying that the entirety of the song came out flat and purely uninteresting. The production for me is a bit rickety with no clear direction. There was never a focal point nor any euphoric moment. If you'd listen to it, it'd feel like you're about to listen to Tik Tok and We R Who We R without the chorus realness. The song seems to be a bit confused.

The song isn't really that bad at all, it's just that Ke$ha promised us the heaven on earth which I think made everyone expect for a single to surpass or at least match the perfection that is TiK ToK. I like the song and I still spare 20 minutes of my busy schedule hoping that it'll grow on me even more.

Rating: 7.5/10  

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