1 October 2012

[Review] Rihanna - Diamonds

Honestly, Rihanna's latest single Diamonds would be better off to be an album track and not a single. It gives me no hope of a decent album for RiRi after the Talk That Talk floppage. If she's gonna' come out with a flawless second single like We Found Love, then that would be, indeed, delightful. But to release You Da One ahead of We Found Love would be a nasty joke, wouldn't it?

RiRi's voice on the song brings me no nothing but just a cup of amateurish and nasal irritation. Like what I have just said, the song would be a perfect B-Side for Umbrella and it is a shame for  Rihanna and if she doesn't step up to improve her musical direction then she'll just augment the increasing career mortality amongst mainstream acts.

One thing, the song is a pure BORE.

Rating: 5.0/10

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