30 September 2012

Conor's Turn Around Is My Newest Feel-Good Anthem

Conor Maynard's ain't Justin Bieber 2.0!!! Oh C'mon everyone knows he is and we'll definitely expect a Justin Bieber photo everytime we do Google Conor Maynard (I'll give it a five-year target time frame). Well, I'm not here to basically do a compare and contrast rant for the two twinks* ( pretty much ironic with my first opening statement), but anyway I just want to let everybody know how darn I feel good every time I play Conor's latest Contrast track, Turn Around, penned for him by Ne-Yo which is also featured in the song. Honestly, Contrast is a dull and uninspired album, brings back the feeling of desperation and disappointment just like when I was listening to Burke's Heartbreak On Hold preview on YouTube (see I am a wise consumer).

Turn Around, for moi, is the only decent song from the album and certainly the most ear-friendly ( I couldn't stop punishing myself for letting me some dose of Animal). The lyrics are awful but the production keeps me wanting for more. Felt like Ne-Yo was so wasted thinking of how we could re-introduce himself to the mainstream music scene after the Libra-thingy-tragedy that he started to conceptualize the song by producing  the beat, and well it started out so good but then when he found out that Lazy Love did not chart, he lost all the momentum that he let his cousin do the lyrics and handed it instead to Conor. But anyway, indolence sometimes creates unexpected wonders, so I am not gonna' really blame Ne-Yo for the mess at least he had the decency to join Conor in the recording of the song.

Overall, I so love the song that after it ends on my playlist and Ora's How We Do starts, I just obtain the reflex of doing a repeat. God, I still don't know why it is so hard to delete me Ora's songs.

Ratings: 8.0/10

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