30 September 2012

Stooshe's Black Heart is Perfection Spelled

The Brit Femme Fatale trio Stooshe came back to the music scene with a Motown-esque, pop track Black Heart which definitely showcases the ladies vocal abilities. The sound is still pretty much very Stoosh-y but then the change of musical direction from up-beat to mid-tempo mellow was a bit of a surprise amongst fans and critics. The song became an instant hit becoming their highest-peaked song to date which gradually contributed to the groups inevitable stardom supremacy.

To just be fair, I was initially not a Stooshe fan due to the fact that they really did not bring much to the table when they had their debut recently. Also, UK has been giving us a lot of lackluster pop girl groups with debatable talent, awful vocal delivery, corn pop and unoriginal dance choreography and un-innovative debut songs. But, kudos to this trio for delighting everyone every time we open our playlists and play Black Heart which sets everyone's mood. I am so looking forward for the album and the next single to be released after this.

Rating: 8.5/10

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