31 May 2012

Was She Really Miming The Song?

When Cheryl announced to perform her comeback track Call My Name for the first time last 26/05 at The Voice UK's Semis I was totally thrilled that I couldn't wait for the 26th to arrive that I would even trade myself to Satan just to get a passport for a time travel to just see a glimpse of a history to be made. I've been checking YouTube every hour when the date came in since I don't have clue when would be the airing of the show. After ages of waiting it finally came out on YouTube. When I first watched it, I was just thinking how majestic and stellar the performance was. For the entire time I was letting myself absorb the euphoria madness this Geordie lass gave me. I couldn't believe myself that the Queen had finally arrived to satiate the empty guns of her faithful soldiers. Getting axed from the bigtime floppage X Factor USA lost my hope and interest for Chez's historic US debut. Couple of months ago she showed interest working with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris to produce a dance smash. The end product? Call My Name which many critics commented to it being generic and dull. I don't really give a shit, I love the song, everytime I listen to it even though it reminds me of the Mortal Kombat beat. And I love Chezza so even if she sings Friday from Black I would still stan for her.
Going back to the debut performance of the song, after days of endless YouTube replay of the llive performance I am now more than convinced that she was really miming the whole time. Couple of things, the mic was too close to her mouth the whole time, when the song ended she was trying to say something but didn't realise that the mic was eventually off, taking a good look at her lips everytime she sings the lyrics gives me a shitty notion that no matter how high the notes were and no matter how different the beat was her lips still looked somewhat awkward and stiff and lastly there were few instances that there was the music playing with the someone singing but her mouth was either close or was too contrived for words to come out of it, especially in singing this type of song.
The only thing that I couldn't seem to work out was why would she do this if she can eventually dance and sing at the same time. She was able to brilliantly perform Fight For This Love and Promise This without miming considering the fact that these songs were harder to sing. To see it yourself, have a look to the three performances;

Anyway, whether she did mime or not the performance was still lovely and fun. The best part of the performance was apparently the interview with Holly as we finally heard her lovely voice ( I am just being silly). The talk with Holly was so refreshing and it was completely cool to finally listen to her voice again saying stuff.

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