30 May 2012

What Time?

It is currently 3:01 AM (Manila Time) and I am completely clueless what to do with my friggin' life. I'm facing the PC Monitor for the last 5 hours after I did work and still I've go nothing to do. Well, technically I've been listening to Sabi's Where They Do That At literally for 100 replay button times. I would just like to feel like I am chuffed to bits everytime but then no matter how hard I try to not think about my predicaments in life it just never seem to happen. I need a life! I need someone in my life! To tell you honestly guys I would never deem before that I will be what I am now. I don't know, I think I just need to let it all out and apparently 9GAG made a good job in making me laugh for a bit but then the pain never go away. The pain lingers like it doesn't have any plan of departing my poor and sour soul. I basically don't know what have I done wrong in my life that I need to face these shitload of burdens in life. Excuse me for a bit but I think I am just finding someone else to blame about this but since I couldn't think of any then I need a very good excuse to justify that it's not me responsible for all this unnecessary drama. Oh My God, I'm now gonna' be certified irrelevant if ever I'd click the Publish button of this page. I so hate my self.

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