30 May 2012

[Review] Sabi ft. Wale - Where They Do That At

I so love Sabi. I've been stanning Sabi since she was like with The Bangz, though the music The Co-Stars gave them were shit, I still kept on rooting for this young and sultry American chick. Her collaboration with Cobra Starship last 2011 was a huge success producing the smash You Make Me Feel... which reached Top 5 in Australia, NZ and Canada and 7 in USA. Finally, she was given a material last year with a very dramatic pop ballad with some dubstep going on titled Wild Heart. I was expecting that it would really be a total bomb but then I love the song. I've been playing it up until now everytime I wanted to sleep but couldn't cause I maybe thinking of something or someone then I would go grab my ear plugs and play this beat and lypsinch to it with all the raw emotions it need especially with the bridge part, now that is too douche! But I love listening to it while I'm having me some cathartic let go of something that rips my soul off.
This year she's able to collaborate with Wale with the brand new Dr. Luke, Cirkut-produced track "Where They Do That At? I know that this review might be too late since the song was officially release last April, but who cares? When I first had the song downloaded and listened to it I was eventually supadissed and I was totally abhorring it but then a couple of weeks later, I accidentaly played it and it was like 3AM on my way home. I was like "this song is dope", finding myself drawn to it the whole time I was inside the bus and I was moving my head and shoulders grooving and snapping my fingers and them people were like staring at me like I stole their chicken salads. But it was so cool, this is the kind of beat that I need. The beat maybe dated but I am digging it. The song could be on an Aaliyah 2003 album and the MV is perfection. It absolutely give justice to the song although it was very obvious that they just spent some pennies on it.

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