21 January 2012

[REVIEW] Anjulie - Brand New Bitch

Canadian-sexified-certified brand new bitch Anjulie has more to offer than just this perfect club pop anthem. Honestly, Canada was about to be listed as one of the most irrelevant countries in the world hadn't they gave us Drake (well, I don't know if Canada is proud of Bieber). Anyhow, I have been a fan of some of Canada's pop artists such as Blake McGrath, Shawn Desman and Fefe Dobson. Canadian pop scene is very much reflective of those we see in Australia. I am not very much sure if you guys will stan for this alt-pop chick, but I can't deny the fact that she has been what my playlist crave for for the last five days.
If you'll Google her you won't fail to read articles comparing her to Gaga, even dubbing her as Black Lady Gaga which I am more of impressed than not. Well, let's admit it Gaga is this generation Madonna and even if we don't like to hear that we can't do anything to change that. Even I was never a fan. More to this, what I really love about her and her latest track Brand New Bich is this certain tinge rawness and freshness which I subjectively find to be awesome. Now, the song's lyrical content is not that really explicit, more of she wanted to know that she is coming and she ready to get off the big ol C and ready to offer US of A and the world her explosive floor beats. Pretty much, the single is her most successful single to date in Canada. Just hope she'll find more love as I am really rooting for her to make it big.

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