30 May 2012

[Review] Chris Brown - Sweet Love

After the stellar success of F.A.M.E. which won Brown a Grammy last 2011, nothing will eventually stop him from giving the world hits after hits. Well, we all know for a fact that Brown is nothing but all talent and clean swag but his music has always fascinated me since he was just 16, out there doing some crazy stuffs. Brown is about to release his upcoming album Fortune which had already brought us the smash Turn Up The Music which debuted Top 10 on US HOT 100 Billboard Charts. I do believe that that track alone could stir fans enough to make everyone buy his new CD. It's a must buy so I would definitely grab me some copy.
The follow up track Sweet Love is a slow jam R&B ballad that displays elements of electronic music.

The best word to describe the song is SEXY. When it came out on a release few weeks ago, I definitely got hooked into it. I remember someone reviewing the song noting its sexiness to be an "...auditory pornography". Now, a lot of R&B stars have been trying to master this side of world but then no one puts it better than Breezy. The lyrics might not be that poetic in intent cause we all know for fact that the song screams out SEX from start to end, but then those were the perfect words that we have to hear to accompany the sexy electronic beats. The MV came out days ago and it was a complete stunner. It was basically just showing Brown chase Selena, or a girl that looks like Selena, then when they finally got the chance to hold each other in a room they're trying to give us orgasmic pleasure while watching it, but you know what, why was it raining on the hotel room? I don't have a clue. But it was cool and was definitely steaming sexy.

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