15 January 2012

[REVIEW] Tinchy Stryder - Bright Lights ft. Pixie Lott

So much with comparing this song with B.o.B.'s Airplanes because I completely think that this song's way too dope and exciting to be compared to Airplanes.When the song came out at TinchyStryderVEVO I literally fell in love with it that for almost a week it became my new jam replacing Alesha Dixon's Do It Our Way (Play). See, I always been a Pixie stan that I think I was and am the only person on this whole wide world who liked her sophomore album Young Foolish Happy. Wait! I think I got to hold on since this song is primarily under Tinchy's album, but it also appeared on her album with a new arrangement. Whatever the case is, I am so loving the song.
Reasons Why I Love The Song:
1. I love Pixie and I love Tinchy. Pixie has been one of the reasons why I still think UK Pop is keeping up with the latest trends in Music.Tinchy has always been one of my favorite Brit rappers. Her collaboration with Melanie Fiona last 2010 was one of my favorites music moments of that year. He was like T.I.
2. The first part of the song where Pixie opened it with:
             Flash lights and the good life, keep calling out my name
            And I pray somehow something's gonna change
            Bright lights in the skyline, let me lose me way
            Cause I know somehow something's gonna change.

3. The song's message is much more genuine than any other song with the same focus. You can call me a dumbass cocksucker but then listening to the song makes me think that I got some good life to live and I got to keep it.
4. The MV is perfect. Perfect!

By 2nd of Feb the song will be hitting the scene so don't forget to buy your copy.

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