30 June 2011

Happy To Be Back

WoW!!! It has been like 2 weeks since I had my last post/update and you couldn't blame me for those days (LOL). Primarily, I wasn't able to holla back at you guys because last week I moved residence from Paranaque to Las Pinas. It was really hard being in the new place at first because I needed to go to work with an extra 30 minutes with the original time just to avoid being tardy. Las Pinas has this terrible reputation with traffic jams and I can personally attest that one. I also need to shape out some more money because of that because I'd now be 3 rides away from work and it's kinda' stressing me out. But truth of the matter is I like the place better because it's pretty much simpler and there are like more trees which I think is very cool. Las Pinas is just like CDO minus the "rellas" but the weather sometimes could be frustrating but it's much more bearable than Paranaque who had just been hit by rain pour for only once within 2 months. The people here are really likeable as they are very kind and easy which I believe makes them one of the coolest people among any of the Metro Manila people. Over all I like how the city is less heavy and busy.

The new house that we are one (with some of my cousins) has this loo which is as big as my previous pad ( I ain't kidding) and it has two rooms that are so huge that when you put your bed on it would look like a chair but one thing that turns me off about the house would be our neighbors. Okay, the place is cool and all that but we have these people from the hood who really make the whole place like a slum like they couldn't have a single day without plunging some filthy alcohol on and everyone's acting like stupid. IDK, it's just that I was used to having decent and modest neighbors.

Okay, I believe I need to cut this off. I gotta go. Bye


  1. balita sa yo oboy? TP ka parin? hows life man?

  2. oh so hard to have pesky neighbors... :)