5 June 2011


You know when is the right time to be an oaf and you know the time when to stay on guard to never ever let someone step on you. I mean, most of the time we depend on external triggers and by that time we rationalize the the best option we could possibly have. In a bit of time, you will be wondering of what I am trying to transcend in this one. But in a bit of time too, you'll be having some of your precious time sharing same thought of irregular and unprecedented feeling of catharsis. The good thing about being yourself is that you don't have to be consistent and coherent, you don't have to justify all the things that you might wish to think or do. Look in to the spellbound beauty of being yourself and get an unlimited dose of craziness and lose-yourself drama. Come to think of being spontaneous and you won't get that with composure and stretching yourself to fit in because I believe that the only way you can pull things to their best limit is by being unaware of these friggin' limitations. See the drama while the plugs on your ears speak with some boom boom pow on and you will bleed with an overflowing amount of audacity and passion. I know, you guys are kinda' freaking out of what is actually happening to me, all I got to say is that I can't see no reason why you guys can't do the same with losing control and let the drive take you in to the ugliest turns and murkiest corners. Expect yourself to pick up every word you might think and start your every sentence with it and just never care about alignment and standards because I ain't here to please anyone. I am the King of my words and the Emperor of my actions. I stand sturd to what I think is doing best for me and this one is one of it.

The spellbound beauty of being me is that I don't need to struggle hard just to overdo things. It's kinda  working everything that may come and just let all the words come out even if it doesn't make sense because sense is humans excuse to label each other without being bounded with guilt. I thank God I keep on blowing things by going out of the safe zone and it is the best thing I ever had. I just wanna float with my spirit still staying on the ground and just want to celebrate who I want to be and that is my SPELLBOUND beauty.

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