13 June 2011

The Other Chick

JoJo's almost 4 year-hiatus will finally come to an end as she is about to officially release the first single for her third album Jumping Trains. Well, as a JoJo fan since day zero, I have been pushing myself to the limit of getting the best out of JoJo with all the stuffs she has left when the hiatus commenced plus leaked tracks in a bazzillion figure flooding YouTube. First of all, let's have some recapitulation of what had happened after The High Road. First thing was JoJo's struggle to drop off her distributing label Da Family Records to sign up with Interscope wherein her record label Blackground had an arrangement early in 2009. But then nothing has come to relaization despite JoJo winning her case against Da Family. Some of the tracks for her then-supposed album All I Want Is Everything were leaked online and honestly people quite digged most of them. To give you an idea of what those tracks were listen to these two songs which I believe were two of the best songs JoJo has ever recorded:

 Both songs truly captured JoJo's musical ingenuity and the smooth yet busy rhythm for the two tracks is a bit addictive and quite reminiscent to her smash hit Too Little Too Late. JoJo also struggled returning back to the music scene as she has even released a mixed tape just to remind people she's all set for a comeback which was basically flared up after certain comments  calling her as a "hasbeen" artist. People who really had been fed with everything latest with JoJo knew better how much she would really want to release an album and once again make her fans happy. She also has been keeping her days through Twitter which keeps her in contact with some of her loyal fans, including moi. Honestly, I wasn't really expecting a release for 2011 but then luckily JoJo officially announced her third album Jumping Trains which is still yet to be confirmed as when it comes to the release date. Shortly after the confirmation, the carrier single also went out to public wherein the music video has been confirmed to have been created and was just waiting for a perfect date for the release.

When I first heard the first single, I was bit disappointed with what then I called a lame track obviously because I was expecting for an aggresive beat as well as a more dynamic vibe for a much anticipated music comeback. So, I had it downloaded, illegaly, suppose that it is not yet available for purchase. After some quite of a time, I was stuck with the replay button because all of a sudden I can't get enough of the song. What I love about the song is this element of easiness but then there is a tinge of flagrance demeanor which is totally awesome.


  1. love the song. I just love Jojo. she is sooo talented. and Underrated..thats what i think. :D

    1. she she is so much underrated...