14 February 2011

Discover Fresh Music: Jessica Mauboy

When your ears get reverberated with almost identical tunes from your over worn ear piece, you'll have this uncontrollable urge of finding refreshment from music you usually don't dig from the past. We buy CDs and download music from hit singles and albums just for being the fact that they top charts. The influence of media sometimes limits us into discovering greater things. More to that, we simply go with a flow and with the hype. I, personally, can attest on this human tendency. I mean why the heck we force our selves to memorize and completely listen to Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" just because everybody does it, why do we buy Kesha's album just because she's the hot stuff right now? I really don't know. But then I got the nerve to finally delete 'em all in my playlist and fine some good tuning. Since Pop  and R & B are my favorite genres, I began my hunt with searching for artists that are not from the US. I had UK, Canada and Australia. I've had my post about my UK venture and now I am super glad to introduce Jessica Mauboy. And for those who already know her, I hope you will help me in this one.

Jessica Mauboy is half-Indonesian and half-Indigenous Australian raised in Darwin. Mauboy auditioned for Australian Idol in 2006 and ended as a runner-up of Damien Leith. After the contest, she signed with Sony Music and released her debut album "The Journey" which was recorded live. The album managed to top charts and earned numerous recognition. She also took part in the girl group Young Divas replacing an old member. The group disbanded and yet Mauboy enjoyed an enormous success by the release of two succeeding albums, Been Waiting and Get 'Em Girls, which were all commendable both critically and commercially.

Mauboy at Kia Soul Live at the Chapel
Saturday Night was the first song I heard form Mauboy and it completely captured my appetite for good and refreshing music. Her voice is extremely amazing, let alone the fact that she can completely pull a ballad impressively. When I bought her newest album Get 'Em Girls, I told myself that it is one of the things that good money can buy. Admit it, there are some times that when you buy an album, you just do it because of the carrier single in it. But trust me on this one, all the songs are all awesome and easy to the ears. Her voice in Empty is superb. Go watch her performance in The X-Factor with Saturday Night

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