14 February 2011

British Pop Does it Better

While the international hype for pop songs reaches its heyday today, American pop tracks are of ultimate benefits. Billboard Hot 100 entrants are plagued by American pop songs and recordings released oversees find it hard to take advantage of the situation. The question of whether the Americans produce the best pop songs that can be heard globally is indeed should be put in a critical evaluation. Chart performance doesn't reflect to the quality of a song nor it can be a representation of what the song is capable of achieving. To be honest, American pop songs for me is a bit dull sometimes and could have the proclivity of an unintelligible and irritating meaning sometimes mixed with total awful hooks. Allow me to give you some of the British pop artists who deliver better materials. 
I have here three of the most successful girl pop artists in UK that have enjoyed enormous success locally and yet bring an awesome and astute recordings.
We have here the 27 year old gorgeous and always effervescent Cheryl Cole. Originally a member of UK's girl group Girls Aloud, Cole had a rough road in achieving the stardom she is getting now. Being one of Polydor's most celebrated singer, Cole's music are always fused with powerful and addictive hooks with an innovating dance rhythm. Her name is also a reputation of glamor and sophistication. The two albums she had already released were all a topnotch in UK.
Jessie J debuted in mid-2010 with a cocky and laid back digital single "Do It Like A Dude" which was written originally to be recorded by the the American R & B  and pop superstar, Rihanna. Jessie J co-wrote the song and after being officially excluded from Rihanna's album, she finally decided to record it herself and then history followed. She started with a mild perception from the audience but apparently seized the spotlight as she released the song's music video which showcased a strongly feminist theme which some criticized to be sexually suggestive and explicit. Her second single "Priceless" debuted at number 1 on UK Top 40 Chart. 
Twenty-year old Pixie Lott took UK by storm with her debut single "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh) followed by other successful singles from her album "Turn It Up". Beyond the pretty face is a voice that has been creating many spectacles. In 2009, she almost took grand slam as the best newcomer for that year. Young and yet with a very impressive record. Pixie's career is predicted to soar even higher and eventually be recognized internationally.

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