15 February 2011

Burning My Eyes With Tears

This day seems like it never existed and is just a part of my long and stressing yesterday. Pulled  the sheets and had my feet on the floor at 2 PM was completely uncool plus the scorching heat of the afternoon made it even worse. I was completely terrified with doing nothing. The first and I guess the only emotion that inflicted me was NOSTALGIA, probably the thing I least want to face right now. But, you just can't ditch some of the things and memories that your mind takes you. Out of all the experiences I've had been exposed for the past 15 years, June to October of 2010 was most memorable and totally the time where I want to go back if given the chance. This was the time that I joined a Leadership Development Training in Bukidnon. The idea of going there was completely out of nowhere. A friend of my Dad came to our hose looking for a young person who's not busying himself for a moment. Training started first week of June. Wake-up call comes at 4:45 am as you prepare yourself  for Bible Reading that starts at 5 and as for me I was required to read Qur'an. First reaction after knowing that we should be up at such an early time of the day devastated my mental being. I was like “ Are you completely sereious?" and it was sorry for me because they really are stern with the whole waking-up-at-five-am-in-the-morning-reading-a-more-of-a-sleeping-pill-book. Amazingly, I have managed to be up at the prescribed time at a short span of time, I don’t know but it must be divine intervention. After the reading, you get prepped up with your working clothes that includeb oots, cocout-made hat, long sleeves, and a worn-out pants. Some of the works we usually did were harvesting, weeding, planting, seeding, watering, and things such as. They have there a caprine dungeon with 5 humongous goats which I really loved and luckily most of the times I got the chance of feeding them, grooming them and taking them down to be exposed to the sun.
Me doing some work
At 10, work at the field ends and we get the chance of a relaxing rest until 12 wherein everyone's tummy must be dealt accordingly. You imagine fried fish or a sauteed veggies into something you have never eaten before, that it tastes like better compared to any expensive food you use to dig before.If we don't run out of budget we get the chance of having a boodle fight which personally enjoy.

One of our boodle fights
Then, 1:30 comes wherein we have this small talk about our reflections and assessment made during the Scripture reading. I personally like this part of the day since I get all the time to discuss to my fellows about what have I personally learned from the Qur'an noting that I am the only Muslim from the bunch. They have this tons of misconceptions about Islam that I was able to correct. Partly, I felt proud about myself for being just nice to them and honest enough to deal with them on my ways. After the sharing of thoughts, a lecture from 2 to 5 follows wherein different topics that concerns being a better person for GOD and for the community. Generally, most of the topics are of biblical bases but it didn't bothered me since I noticed that the stuff they discuss seemed to be so practical. Different aspects of life were all discussed using a uniform perspective. Mondays to Fridays run like this everyday. And when Saturday comes we start it with a Dawn Prayer wherein prayer requests were laid. I was not required to attend in this part of the training, but I let myself to go out of respect. 

Four months and the routine cycled. After graduating at October 29, we departed the place and got back onto our own individual lives. Every time I think of this whole four months, I just can't help on feeling of being so doomed. I don't really, what its got to do with missing my friends, but that is just the way I feel. And today, unaware of the poignant mark that the experience left me, I burned my eyes crying. Before I leave I got to say that I hope divine intervention comes again and work magic on me.

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