15 February 2011

The Art of Fast Downloading

Downloading songs, videos and other documents from different sharing websites was an impossible task for me before. Imagine before that I had to go to shops wherein they download songs and you pay them for P2.00 per piece. More to that, video downloading fee was relatively higher. By the time that I became a college freshmen, I busied myself looking for fast downloading software wherein I could download videos from YouTube in a fast manner. Then my cousin introduced Internet Download Manager (IDM). Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a shareware download manager which enables you to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. 
Internet Download Manager running under Windows 7
IDM allows users to automatically download any file types, divides downloads into multiple streams for faster downloading, supports multiple queues and lists recent downloads for easy access to files. It can search for mirrors in order to increase download speeds and also supports downloading videos from many streaming video sites. The IDM algorithm includes dynamic segmentation throughout the downloading process.
What I really like about IDM is that it could be installed in almost PCs that are available in public, especially at Cafes and it also downloads all types of files. But, the best thing about it id the speed it does when downloading. Files with heavy sizes can be downloaded in just 10 minutes. Movies, albums, PDFs, programs and things such as can be simultaneously downloaded. Just click this link http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/ and then press the orange "TRY INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER FOR FREE" button. After clicking it, the system will automatically download it and when you;re done. Click it to install but don't forget to close all other Windows that you are using. After this simple step then you'll have all the leisure time in the world in downloading whatever that your mind will let you.

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